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Slut Walk – Justifiable means to the end?

Recently two things have caught my eye more than anything else. Fasting to tame corruption and ‘Slut Walk’ to protest against rape &  allowing women the freedom to wear whatever they want. Personally, though I am against corruption and rape, I feel both the ways are stupid and ridiculous means to achieve their respective ends.

Corruption and fasting would be a whole different and full blown topic altogether, but in this article I choose to write about more important and flaming issue of the two, ‘Slut Walk’. I say so because the issue of safety of women is more fundamental and crucial to human existence than corruption (in comparison). In gravest of circumstances, I can live with corruption but can’t survive with a constant threat looming over our women every moment they step out alone.

If it would be me, then the only punishment for rape would be death. Set such a strong example that no one would ever dare to commit such atrocious crime. But this isn’t the point of discussion here. It is about a recent event called the “Slut Walk” which has been gathering momentum.

To quote Wikipedia

The SlutWalk protest marches began on April 3, 2011 in Toronto, Canada and have since become an international movement of rallies across the world. They are a protest against the belief that any aspect of a woman’s appearance might explain or excuse rape. The protest takes the form of a march, by mainly young women, where some dress in ordinary clothing, and others dress provocatively.

My first objection is to the name “slut walk”. Is it prudent for women to brand themselves as ‘slut’ to raise voice against an act as heinous as sexual harassment? That too when most of them aren’t one? ‘Slut’ comes from Middle English ‘slutte’, which in original sense of word, meant ‘a dirty, slovenly woman’ and was used with no suggestion of sexual promiscuity. Later its usage shifted to indicate the sexual escapades of a woman and evolved to what we know it as today. In a nut shell, it always had the derogatory sense attached to it and wasn’t something a women can be proud of.

I don’t see how branding yourselves as slut will help your cause, which undoubtedly is genuine. I am sure I now many women who would refuse to be called a slut but are equally offended by any sexual harassment that comes their way.

My second reservation is towards the whole approach of women dressing provocatively. Though I vehemently support the right of women to dress as they deem fit without being subjected to sexual harassment, I don’t support their way of scantily dressing to raise their voice against the issue. You will get your two minutes of fame if you dress provocatively while participating in a ‘Slut Walk’ but I am sure the fame would be as good as Poonam Pandey’s for her claims during Cricket World Cup 2011, short-lived and bogus. Indian cricket team was fortunate and determined enough to win the world cup. But scantily clothed women participating in ‘Slut Walk’ might not be lucky enough to achieve their aim and the whole parade will end up being an adult amusement show with real cause getting buried under the ‘assets’ on display.

But my main grief is with women dressing provocatively in general. Let me first establish my belief that if a women says NO, then a NO should mean NO. Her dressing sense, her walking alone at night, her being drunk should not be assumed as an invitation to rape her. Any act without her consent is a crime and should be heavily punished.

But my tussle is that if women dress to seek attention, then attention is what they are getting. What they need to realize is that not every man on this earth is sane enough to channelize his attention in respectable manner towards her. An honourable man would like to compliment her for her dressing sense and on other hand a lecherous man would try to rape her for wearing that dress and attracting his attention. The entire blame cannot lay with men. Women need to share some (though small) part of blame.

For example, if you don’t lock you home when you are away and some body steals all your stuff, then YES, thieves are wrong and should be punished, but don’t you think that you deserve certain part of blame as you were negligent enough to keep your house unlocked. Assuming that no one will rob your house because it’s a wrong thing to do is a utopian concept and doesn’t apply in real world.

Having worked in technology sector has given me ample chances to travel to western part of the world and observe how women dress and behave there. Interestingly, when the same women visit India, they are cautious about their dressing sense. They dress a bit more conservatively in India than what they would have they been in their own country.

So the bottom line, it IS dangerous to dress in certain ways and it IS dangerous to walk in the wrong areas of the city, at night, alone. It’s not right. But, unfortunately, it is true.

Women are rightfully just in demanding the power to dress the way they want. But with great power, comes the great responsibility. The wisdom of using that power at appropriate time and in correct direction is what women need to learn. Freedom of expression is everyone’s birth-right. Go, express yourselves but remember, this is not an ideal world we all would like to live in.

I am sure that many will have quite contrary opinion about this. I would love to hear your take on it. Comments section awaits you 🙂

[Update]: A friend pointed out that this article has a few similarities with the one published in Hindustan Times on June 17th 2011, esp the example of thieves. Though I don’t claim for that example to be my idea but borrowed from a discussion I had with a person in Delhi Metro. If his source was article in HT, then probably its an ignorant coincidence on my part.

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Beauty becoming Bane

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” – The age old adage and trite platitude actually does resonate some truth.

The world conveniently believes that beautiful women always have it easy.  Their beauty is considered to be the universal key to their happiness and success. They are not only the cynosure of most of the eyes but are also inundated with proposals of all sorts.

To anyone from outside this looks amazing and is enough to make them feel jealous. But I was surprised to know that these women who possess the lethal weapon of beauty are themselves not so happy about it. It all started while I was interning with General Electric during summer of 2010. While at a restaurant one evening, I met this incredibly gorgeous lady. As conversation flowed, the topic of ‘beauty’ came up which she ended with a remark “I sometimes wish I wasn’t so good looking”.

That evening ended but the remark stayed with me since. Over the period of 6 months, I discussed this with a few other very good looking women. Though not everyone felt as strongly as the lady in restaurant, but at certain level they all believed that it is not as easy for them as the word believes it to be. Below are a few issues faced by the beautiful women, that I could figure out during discussion with few men and women.

a.) Conveying the seriousness of her personality and ability

People have hard time understanding that beauty with brains can co-exist. Beautiful woman find it extremely hard to make the world realize that she has got more than a beautiful exterior. If a beautiful woman succeeds, people are often skeptical about whether or not she “deserved” the success. It is always assumed to be ‘because of her looks’ and her ‘extra-efforts’ that she put in ‘somewhere else’, except work.

b.) Meeting and dating men (Yes, believe it or not, it’s true)

Many men automatically assume she is unavailable or find her too intimidating to approach. Quite a few also stereotype her as either spoiled, superficial, or out of their league, even if she isn’t. Because of this, a lot of gorgeous women could wind up with men who are more superficial, and fall for them because of their beauty. It is more difficult for them to find someone who likes them for their personality and other qualities. Hence finding a genuine man is probably the biggest problem for a beautiful woman.

Now I don’t deny that beautiful women are very choosy/picky about men in first place and that adds to their own problems but if you take a serious look, they get more sexual harassment than genuine interest from men, because genuinely interested men are normally too intimidated by their beauty to approach them.

c.)  Getting admiration from other women

Now this is something that was a total surprise for me. In my experience, I have seen that many beautiful women find great company in other women. But my discussions with a few reveal that such ‘friendship’ is superficial. Many beautiful women are the source of envy for other insecure women.  Either out of jealousy, insecurity, fear, intimidation or spite, many beautiful women find it difficult to maintain intimate friendships with genuine female friends.

Again, I don’t deny that this may be because they are themselves a bit bloated about their looks but that’s not how most of the gorgeous women feel.

d.) Social Stigma and dogmatic beliefs

Given that a woman is gorgeous, it is difficult for her to find equally handsome man. Now, if she is dating a not so attractive man, she faces a constant social criticism from her friends, family and peers. Worse if the man has money. Her serious interest in man’s personality and certain characteristic goes for a toss while she is labeled as a ‘gold-digger’.

After talking to a few men and women about the subject, I am confident that everyone worships a beautiful woman – women want to be her and men want her, both of them for her looks and probably not for who she is. Now I realize why the lady in the restaurant felt the way she did. That remark now makes more sense than it did that time and being beautiful suddenly feels a shade gloomier.

I would be happy to have 3rd party opinion. Comments section awaits your views. 🙂

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Balance Sheet of Love Life

Been one year in MBA program and now I feel that I don’t need it any more.

But it was not like that an year ago. The mere mention of ‘finance’ used to scare the shit out of me. I am sure there are quite a few like me out there and hence, this post trying to explain most basic of financial tool in simplistic way.

Reason? This July we got our junior batch (SOM 12) inducted in the program. A few of them read the blogs here and a fewer of those few asked why I don’t write often. So I thought to write something that would be helpful along with being interesting. (I hope I do justice) 😛

I remember how difficult it was for me, coming from computer science background, to understand balance sheet in my first term. I never could figure out what is asset and what is a liability. So here is an effort to make you understand balance sheet fundamentals through a more basic and common analogy, “Balance Sheet of Love Life”.

First, let’s go through the basics of a balance sheet.

The hardest thing about Balance sheet is deciphering its vocabulary. It is important to understand the three main sections on the balance sheet.

Assets:  They are the things that you have that are of value to your business. These are the resources that you use to generate earnings. Examples are chairs, a barn, an instrument, land, a factory, and inventory.

Liabilities: can be thought of as obligations. Liabilities are not a bad thing, but if you have too many, you run the risk of going broke or having your resources tied up. Money that is owed to outsiders and lending institutions is categorized here.

Equity: a measurement of the resources that you borrow from outsiders, and resources you have generated and kept in the business. It also includes the value of your shares at the price on which they were issued and not what it is today.

Now keeping these definitions in mind, lets try and make things simpler to understand by taking analogy of our ‘Love Life’. Presented below is the Balance Sheet of Love Life.

Current Assets
  • your current gf/bf who you like but don’t plan to marry
  • any gifts that you’ve already bought and will give in near future (inventories)
  • pre-paid movie tickets/restaurant bookings made to be utilized in next week                         (pre-paid expense)
  • that ‘mind blowing‘ stuff your bf/gf promised to do to you in return of some                     favour you already did to him/her (I can already see a few faces grinning :D)
Fixed Assets
  • your current gf/bf who you want to marry and who too wants to marry you
Current Liabilities
  • your current gf/bf you no longer like
  • any gifts that you plan to buy in near future (for upcoming b’day, movie, etc)       (provisions)
  • the mobile top-ups that you do for your gf/bf (trust me, its not just guys who                             do it for their gfs)
  • that annoying friend of your gf/bf who you hate but are forced to hang out with
Long Term Liabilities
  • your current gf/bf who wants to marry you but you don’t
  • perceived hotness of your gf/bf at the time of the start of your relationships

On similar grounds, the Market Value of your Love Life would be the ‘current’ perceived hotness (of your gf) or smartness (of your bf) by your friends.

As always in balance sheet, the sum total of Assets should be equal to that of Liabilities. In case of Love Life, you have a great relationship if Assets = Liabilities and if not, well you can figure it out yourself 🙂

In case you like it or have any thoughts to improve it, please leave a comment.

PS: Now don’t come running to me in case you don’t understand Cash Flows 😀

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God’s Technological Skills

Warning: To fully understand and appreciate the following post, reader is expected to have basic computer literacy.

For the people who are not that computer literate, here is a list of conversion.

  • 1 Bit can be either 0 or 1
  • 1 Byte = 8 bits
  • 1KiloByte(KB) = 1024 Bytes
  • 1 MegaByte (MB) = 1024 KB
  • 1 GigaByte (GB) = 1024 MB
  • 1 TeraByte (TB) = 1024 GB
  • Therefore 1 TB ~= 10244 Bytes

!! A single sperm has 37.5 MB of DNA information in it. That means that a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1587.5 TB !!

I recently came across this piece of information and tried to validate it. To my amazement, I discovered that this is absolutely true.

This left me wondering and as if that was not enough, I was dumbstruck when I saw through the statement and inferred following facts:

1.) The Compression Algorithm

Now it is difficult to analyze, but consider this. The best available algorithm designed by man has a compression ratio of around 85% for pure text. So going by that standard, 1587.5TB can be compressed to 238 TB.

Now our normal desktop computers have around 500 GB of hard disk on which you can roughly store 75,000 mp3 songs. So going by that standard 1587.6 TB can store around 23,78,02,058 (23.78 crore) mp3 songs.

Now compare this with the compression mechanism of god which can store around 1587.5TB of data i.e. around 23.78 crore mp3 songs, in just 1 tea spoon (that is the volume of ‘one act’). That’s what I call a brilliant ‘squeeze’ 😉

2.) The Data Transmission Speed

The current laboratory fiber optic data rate record, held by Bell Labs in Villarceaux, France, is multiplexing 155 channels, each carrying 12.5 GB per sec. Meaning, they were successfully able to transfer 155 X 12.5 = 1937.5 GB per sec that is equal to around 1.89 TB per sec. This is approximately equal to be able to download/upload 2.83 lakh mp3 songs in 1 second.

Now compare this speed with that of God’s ‘data pipe’. A normal man can ‘transfer’ 1587.5 TB of data in approximately 3 seconds (the final moments of ejaculation). This boils down to the speed of 530 TB per sec. This corresponds to downloading/uploading 794 lakh mp3 songs per second.

So your ‘tool’ has a higher bandwidth than any internet connection that ever existed, and is ever likely to exist anytime soon. Now, imagine a machine that used your saltshaker to surf the internet.

And to top that, this much data is really generated from a man’s ‘I-pee’ address.

And all this has been true since the birth of first male on the earth. Long long before computers came into being. Now this speaks volumes about God’s Technological Skills.

What do you say ? 🙂

I had a long discussion with some of my ‘gf-se-pareshan’ kind of friends where I was exposed to 101 reasons why you should never have a girlfriend. Every point from how you loose your independence to how you have to be at her constant beck and call was discussed.

Like a good manager (after all, I am about to be one), I firmly believe that no discussion is complete unless the arguments for and against it are considered. But here we had a slight problem. No one was ready to speak ‘for’ the motion. So like a true leader (yeah, I am about to be one), I took the initiative to list down 10 not-so-obvious reasons why you should have a girlfriend.

1.) Show Off

Well, for me, this is the best use you can put your GF to. OK OK, don’t frown. Second best. Happy J (Guys will remain guys and they will always approve that when you cuddle, girls don’t seem to have any bones ;)) Having a GF is a big status symbol and you are held in high esteem among your lonely and wretched friends. The respect you get is directly proportional to the ‘hotness’ of your GF.

2.) To Appreciate the Beauty of Nature (Pun Intended)

Tell me, if you are single, how many times you have visited a park or sat beside a flowing river? Well, if you have a GF, then you will be doing this and similar things more often and truly appreciate how beautiful has god made this nature (After all, you also need a secluded place to really appreciate her beauty)

3.) Emotional Cover

Ever felt so lonely when you have a fight with your boss, when some when else gets promoted and all along you thought it would be you, when you are pissed off as things are not going right for you. That’s when GFs come a lot handy. They are your emotional cover when ever you are in distress and pressure. And much to your amazement, I can tell you that girls are great listeners when you want them to be.

Perfect person to make you feel special and wanted and charge you up with positivity.

4.) Beat the Queues

Well, thanks to the government of India, women get preference in all and every queue. Be it your cell phone bill queue, electricity bill queue, water bill queue, railway reservation queue or for that matter any damm queue. GF is of great assistance in all such and related cases.

5.) To Take Someone to an Office Party

Now, this is something we have all experienced. The parties where you are allowed to bring in your partner are envious to ones who are singles. I have seen singles trying their best to thwart the HR’s attempt to organize such parties.

But hey, if you have a GF, you can proudly walk into such parties and avoid ‘oh-poor-fellow’ stares from other not-so-single people out there.

6.) A Personalized Event Organizer

No one can negate the exceptional quality of women to remember dates and their personal dislike in case you forget one. As some one said, the best way to remember your wife’s b’day is to forget it once. So who could be better for you to help you remember all your important dates than a GF? Be it the date of your next visit to doc, your cousin’s b’day, your assignment submission deadline. You name it and she remembers it.

The only caution you need to exercise here is to remember all dates that are important for her. Like when did you propose her, when did you first kiss her, when did you officially went on a date, etc., etc.

7.) Buy Gifts for Your Sister/Mom/Aunts

I know, any girl who is a good friend will do this for you but trust me when I say that GF is the best. She knows you, and most probably, knows what kind of taste your mom/sister/aunts would have as you would have discussed them with her some or the other times.

8.) Your Personal Fat-o-Meter

You won’t have to wait for your trousers to tell you that you are growing fat and by then, its already too late meaning far more hard work to get back in shape. Your GF can be the best fat-o-meter and will be the first one to tell you in case you are turning fat. How do they get to know that is still a secret which I am trying hard to find.

9.) Your Free Health Inspector

You won’t get close to bad habits, esp. smoking, in case you have a GF. Well, this may not apply to everyone but the guys that do get intimate with their GFs (trust me, not every one is allowed to unless they get the ‘married’ tag stamped on them) are the ones who are to benefit the most. How? Well, if you smoke or drink, you would have a bad breadth/teeth and she will not enjoy those intimate sessions with you. So you won’t have a choice but to give it up. After all, what you get in return is more important. 😉

10.) Your Savings Manager

Guys, by nature have hard time saving money until they get married (then they have no choice but to save). GF can help you in this case as girls like to save a lot. If you are lucky enough to find a level headed GF, then she can actually teach you the basics of savings. Now, who would not like to have an inflated bank balance (even if that gets depleted later on to fulfill her wishes :P)

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Gone are the Days

Gone are the days when we use to get up early to attend school,

Now we wake up early to make our managers a fool

Gone are the days when at 2 pm we use to compete to get the “window” seat
Now we have forgotten to have friendly competitions under the work heat

Gone are the days when we used to shout on road,
Now all we do on road is code*

Gone are the days when we use to talk hours with friends and never said bye,
Now we don’t even have time to say HI

Gone are the days when we went to friends place to meet,
Now all we do is use ORKUT to greet

Gone are the days we use to play under stars,
Now they are only seen when our code and us are at wars

Gone are the days when our pockets were empty but love filled in hearts,
Now our pockets are filled but with empty hearts

Gone are the days when we knew the fresh milk taste,
Now we can just crave while having the MACHINE coffee in haste

Gone are the days…
Gone are the days…

But surely not the memories
We still being humans, is more than required proof for the same.

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Singh is King

In a short sentence, if you want an entertainer with no brains to be used, if you want mind-less comedy which blows your brain veins, this is the movie for you.

Akshay Kumar has slowly and steadily established himself as the True King of comedy with every new performance being better than the previous one. Yet again, he’s rocking.

The movie has some very good moments like the starking contrast in which the ‘two’ kings are introduced. Sonu Sood, the ‘don’ king steals the opening shot of the movie by gliding in air using a parachute trying to catch his enemy and the ‘real’ king Akshay enters after some time, gliding in air but trying to catch a hen.

Another fantastic moment is the entry of Katrina Kaif. She has never looked so elegant and beautiful before. Her first shot i.e. her entry leaves you agape, with your jaws dropping and you wonder, how on earth can some one look so beautiful. Though she doesn’t know how to act and speak hindi, still she steals hearts just by her smile and ethereal beauty. The part I did not like was when she tries to do a Kajol (Suraj hua madham) in the song ‘Teri Aur’. She cannot carry that elegant black saree as good as Kajol does. But hello, she has other ‘important’ things to carry 😀

Another highlight of the film is Javed Jafery. The dancing king is back with a short but amazing dance song which will blow your mind away. I always have been his dance fan and I saw him dance after a long long time in this movie and trust me when I say that he is still the King of dance. Those 3 minutes of the movie were the more entertaining for me than anything else. (Sorry Katrina 😀 ).

Kiron Kher gives yet another of her stereotyped ‘punjabi’ masala performance and deserves full marks for her role. But honestly, I would like to see her stretch her acting wings a bit more wider. She is capable of more mature and better performance than the single ‘traditionalist’ delivery she has been giving lately.

On whole, the movie has a flawed script and weak direction but the pure screen presence of Akshay Kumar with fantastic and commendable support from Om Puri lifts the whole movie to another level.

In the end, if you are not a mind-less and script-less movie fan, still watch Singh is King for a.) Akshay Kumar b.) Javed Jafery”s dance and c.) Katrina’s mind-blowing beauty (in that order).

BTW, there is another version of “Singh is King” running around lately. If you are the unlucky one to miss is, here is the promo poster for you.

True King

True King

Hope you’ll enjoy it. I know I did.

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Nouakchott Trip – 3

Tough Days are nearly over !!

I have been working on an average of 14-15 hours a day for past 6 days and finally today is the last. I leave Mauritania at 10:45 pm tonight.

Living here was tough, really tough. I realized how my life would be without Hindi speaking people, without food, without girls. Oh my god, this was the hardest punishment I got for doing good work.

Anyhow, every stage in your life comes with some lessons. I learnt my set too on this trip.

You know, how some times we talk of bad luck. Well hear this and then tell me about it. Past 9 days, hard time and today being last day, I had less of work. So I kick off the work to run on its own and leave the office to visit some local jewelery shop near by to kill some time and thought would come back in an hour to finish up the remaining but very crucial part of work.

I don’t know the local language so was having hard time talking to the shop-keepers. Then, suddenly this sweet lady walks in the store to my rescue. She was from Florida and working for some NGO in Africa. She helped me with my talks with the locals as she was living in Mauritania for past 3 years. We roamed around for a while to various shops. Then suddenly she asked me if I want to join her for lunch.

Now, I want to go. Seriously. A cute and sweet lady wants to have lunch with me. Why would I say no. But the bad luck, is that I have to return to office to address that ‘fucking’ ‘crucial’ part of the work. I had no choice but to decline. It was like, I was in the desert for past 9 days, searching for some ‘water’. When I could not find it for 8 days, I thought, lets fast today. At least I’ll earn some ‘punya’. And when I fast, I finally reach an oasis.

!! SHIT !!

Anyways, that is life. Not always rosy.

Ok, so as usual, here are some more generic observations about this place:

  1. You will hardly get to see a two wheeler in this city. But plenty and plenty and plenty of cars.
  2. People drive cars of all range. Expensive BMWs, Mercedes, VolksWagon  to all dented crap hundredth hand car.
  3. Most of the taxis in city are old 1970s Mercedes model which are ‘some how’ still running.
  4. The keyboards here are not the ones we have in India. For technical guys, we have QWERTY in India and these people have AZERTY ones. I had tough time typing on them.
  5. People here are HUGE fan of Indian movies and songs. But they use Arabic sub-titles to watch our films. ShahRukh Khan is one of the favorites.

Finally, I end this last post from Mauritania. India, my love, I am comming !!

Posted by: DD | July 27, 2008

Nouakchott Trip – 2

OK, this could have not gone better !!

Here I am , sitting in the most prized area of a Telecom Service Provider. Their SWITCH room.

Ok, for non-technical folks, here is what I mean. Every service provider has two main components. First, their ‘computer’ (very very big and high end) which controls the air-waves using which you talk on your cell-phone. Second, another very very big computer which runs the complex software which determines how and what all facilities you used and then charges the correct amount to you in a monthly bill.

Now, when I say big, how big do you imagine ?

Well, the computers in discussion are big enough to completely occupy a 5000 sq. feet space and tall enough to fit in a two story building. Hope that gives you the idea of the scale I am talking of.

BTW, these babies are DAMM DAMM expensive and first thing an enemy would think to destroy if your country goes to war with another country. So the security around these is HIGH.

Thanks to my job and my passion for Telecom, today I am sitting in one such highly secure building with those big computers all around me making huge noise. But ironically, I am not disturbed but loving the noise. The room or HALL as I should call it is so cold that I need a big coat to keep myself warm. The amount of heat generated by these computers is massive and you need an effective and efficient cooling system to keep these massive babies working.

I am already sweating in an environment which has 18 degrees as its temperature. You can imagine my excitement.

Today is the most happening day of may stay in Mauritania. They have their weekends on Friday and Saturday. So today, a Sunday, invites a lot of people outside and as I walked from my hotel to office, I could see many people busy in their daily duties. My initial impression of Mauritania being a ‘lonely’ country was changed.

I’ll end up with a couple of more generic observations I had:

  1. As I already mentioned, Mauritania has Friday and Saturday as its weekend days.
  2. Mauritanians, like Indians, are tea drinkers. Just that their tea is some sort of green herbal tea with no milk and tastes like peppermint. I liked it pretty much.
  3. Men wear a typical over coat kind of thing which is way too loose for them to handle but is said to keep them cool in summers and warm in winters.
  4. You should avoid looking at women at all costs.

Ok, thats it for this time. I have work to do.

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Nouakchott Trip – 1

Here I am, sitting by the pool, listening to great music, enjoying the WI-FI access to write this post.

As many of you already know, I am in Nuackchott, Mauritania for business purpose.  Had a long 24 hour flight from Mumbai -> Paris -> Nouakchott. Got in here last night 8:30pm local time, straight away went for a dinner with my manager and the Client. Came back, slept and just woke some time back.

Ok, lets make it short. Some general observations:

  • When you look down to the city from the air-plane, all you can see is small discreetly placed houses and sand. Only a couple of roads are visible. A closer look while we were riding last night for dinner told me that though the roads are there, they are all covered in sand.
  • Donkeys. The way we have cows, you have donkeys roaming around here.
  • Arabic is the main language though people do speak a lot of French and a little bit of Spanish.

The hotel is great, probably the best available in the city. Things in the hotel, as expected, are far more than expensive. For example, a normal breakfast in morning costs 4000 MRO i.e. around Euro 12.5 i.e around Rs 800.

Sad part, I donot have anything Vegetarian available. Meat is like a staple fod out here. And no microwave in the hotel room makes it even more difficult to sustain. Hope I come alive out of this.

!! Amen !!

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