Posted by: DD | January 12, 2008

Why should I blog ?

“Where do you blog? ”

This was the question a girl, who I just met, asked me. I said nowhere to which she appeared shocked. “You seem like a person who does. I took it for granted.” she mentioned explaining her reaction to my answer.

Then I thought, “Is it that important to blog? Has it become an intellectual status symbol to have a blog?”

Till then, I was pretty uncomfortable about the idea of putting my thoughts on THE wire. Why would I do that. Isn’t it like having an open dairy?

I gave it a fair bit of thought and as a result visited a few highly talked blogs to see what exactly are they all about. Then I realized that blogging isn’t synonymous to an open diary. In fact, its a channel through which you can put your thoughts to an open interpretation and challenge. Its a perfect platform for virtual brainstorming which not only broadens your horizon but also makes your mind think more substantial and concrete things.

Also, it indirectly improves your writing and presentation skills which are one of the important must-haves in an individual.

Hence forth, I decided to father a blog and here it is about to have its 2nd post describing its conception and hence birth process πŸ™‚ .

On a lighter note, someone said it right : “A Girl can make a man do lot”. Just that I did something constructive this time. After all, the mother of this blog is that Girl πŸ˜›



  1. As many thngs this blog is one thng i ws nt aware of n u have the credit of making me aware…
    well I personally c no fun or point in doing this n neither was i aware that it has become an intellectual status symbol to have a blog!!
    But you have described the need to do it in a very commendable manner. And it sounds quite convincing, but nt tempting though.
    Ya but i’ll defimitely keep an eye on ur blog to c wat thoughts r flowing thru ur mind and ofcourse to get sum nice impressive reading.

    Good work n hope u’ll go on giving food for discussion (which is heavily needed)

  2. thanks for the first ever comment πŸ™‚
    It is not an “intellectual status symbol” to have a blog but was just a thought which came to my mind.

    Thanks for the words of appreciation though and I hope i’ll be able to do justice to your expectations. πŸ™‚

  3. a man would always lay the seed for “birth”,
    but a woman initiates, carries, nurtures the “birth”.
    Only a woman can give birth let it be nething..
    Man always invents or discovers….
    an ironical juxta-positioning of the human species.

    I credit the lady to have been able to motivate you enuff to sketch out your thoughts in ne manner…. your blog would be one of them.
    frankly, I am thankfull to her…!!!

    ne yes its true…. “a girl could make you do alot.” [:)] i expect some awesome stuff on this page.

    God bless!!

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