Posted by: DD | January 15, 2008

Side Effects of Nano

The other night, we were discussing the effect of Nano in our day to day life some 5 years down the line. We came up with utmost funny consequences.

After last hearty welcome blog to Nano, I write this to outline some side effects of injecting Nano in our society.

1. The Car is so cheap that a well-to-do family may buy it in bulk. The sight of a customer saying “3 Nano dena” might become very common at a showroom 🙂 .

2. Your child will ask for a Nano instead of a toy car.

3. The next time you stop at a red light, a Nano pulls up next to you and a hand with a bowl comes out of the window and you hear those ever famous words, “Allah ke naam par de de baba” 😀 .

4. We have so much scarcity of space that introduction of Nano might lead politicians to demand a reservation in parking lots for SC/ST/OBC.

5. The next time your kaam-waali bai takes an off or comes late, she’ll have a perfect excuse in the name of her Nano tyre getting flat 😀 .


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