Posted by: DD | January 21, 2008

Famous Indian Win – Perth Test ’08

Once again, the Aussies have been defeated. Their steady march towards another record has been halted and yet again it was INDIA.

It is nostalgic to note that when last time Aussies scored 16 consecutive wins, it was India who applied brakes to their victory march and specifically, it was Laxman who meddled in their way so much as it was this time. Amazing feeling for an Indian to be in.

I was at a beach with limited cell phone connectivity on the weekend the match was being played and the excitement was such that after every 5 minutes, I was calling someone or the other, SMSing people to know the current situation. Resultingly, my cell bill for that day i.e. 19th Jan 2008 is whooping Rs 150 which includes only SMSs and local calls. Now thats the excitement of a win over the Aussies. πŸ™‚

Another important thing to note is how GOD does justice to everyone. Andrew Symonds, the lucky guy in the last test was given out when he was actually not. But then, as said, “Bhagwaan ki laathi mein aawaaz naih hoti” πŸ˜€

The perfect way to sum this episode of Symonds is the way Sunny Gavaskar does it. Watch this and you’ll come to know what I am talking about. “Symonds ke bat mein awaaz nahi hoti” πŸ˜€

Hope India wins the last test and square the series 2-2. I’ll distribute prashad of Rs 11 if that be the case πŸ˜‰



  1. nice one πŸ™‚
    I totally agree.

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