Posted by: DD | January 24, 2008

Transition – The first Job Change

Today, I feel nebulous. As my mind plays host to the congregation of numerous thoughts, I feel pretty inquisitive. Inquisitive about my future, my life and all this thanks to my decision to change my job for the first time.

I graduated May 2006 from IIIT Allahabad and had a job with Amdocs which I joined on June 12th, 2006. Since then, I have had a great experience of what professional life is all about. I enjoyed the enviable company of good people coupled with great sense of enjoyment and attitude towards life. But today, I stand on the brink of a first-of-it-kind change in my life. Tomorrow will be my last day in Amdocs and coming Monday, Jan 28th, 2008, I’ll join a new organization by the name of Cerillion Technologies.

Saying this brings me to an interesting fact. I am going to be jobless for a whole weekend i.e. 26th and 27th Jan 2008 😀 . I have never experienced this feeling before (I wish no one ever experiences it) but somehow I feel excited about it. May be as I already have another better job in hand.

But on a lighter note, since I would not be working for those two days I should also not spend on the mentioned dates. But that being a weekend makes it very very difficult to do so 🙂 . More over, my mail box and cell phone inbox is full of ‘treat’ requests. Difficult situation to be in 😉 .

On a serious note, I feel miserable leaving a group of such fine people from whom I have learnt a lot. A group of people who had so much energy and enthusiasm. I will never forget those bike trips we had to the outskirts of Pune, those dress-coded parties, those ‘gappodi’ sessions we use to have in the middle of the day during work and other similar moments we all spent together. Its difficult to get such a group of people working with you.

Here is a pic of us on the Lonavala trip where the dress code was ‘Moustache’ 🙂 . Only one out of the following actually has a moustache. You can spot me easily as the only person who is sitting.

Amdocs team

By now, I know quite a few people from my new team at Cerillion. I went with them to their project event – a two day holiday at Murud Beach. The people seem to be fun loving and good. I saved my 2 weeks of alien-ness in new office by spending 2 days. I pray I soon get settled in my new role with new people.


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