Posted by: DD | February 14, 2008

Saree – For one, For all

Today is Valentine’s Day. The day of Romance.

While walking from Home to Office, I noticed many young women all dressed up and charged. Though it was just another day, but some how the generality in dressing sense caught my attention. I could hardly spot a girl in anything other than Jeans and Top, leave aside even salwaar kurta. Some looked terrific, some OK and the rest (with due respect) not good at all.

Its then when this thought came to my mind. Jeans and Tops are not meant for all. Not every girl can carry it with opposite sex’s visual ease and comfort. But if that is so, then is there some thing which suits all ladies ? Something which any lady can wear and look equally good irrespoctive of their body structure?

Yes, there is. SAREE. That 5 meter of cloth has been with us since centuries and has proved its worth amidst the crest and troughs of time. Its some thing which lady of every shape, size, structure, age and height can embrace with equal dignity, subtlity and feminism and look great. Its a piece of cloth that has been giving respect and protecting the honor of our women since 2800 BC and still continues to do the same. In short

A bit of research (read Googling) left me amazed with the amount of diversity associated to that small piece of cloth. There are more than 100 ways in which SAREE is worn in India. This speaks volumes of the reach, importance and significance of Saree in our culture.

Some one argued that how so ever dignified saree makes a women but thats the best saree has to offer her. And since no women is complete without her sensuality, hence saree fail her at this very important front as it cannot express the sensual self of a women, leave aside enhancing the same.

But again, I beg to differ. Why? Remember Sushmita Sen in the movie “Mai Hoon Na”. πŸ™‚ The designer, director and the rest of the group proved that saree can be an as effective aphrodisiac as any other cloth, be it tight jeans/tops, etc. She personified the image of a women with prefect combinatin of sensuality and dignity and Saree’s role was more than just a piece of cloth. I am sure that she wouldn’t be able to potray the character so well had it not been the Saree.

So, I end this with a question.

Is any lady going on a date tonight (V-Day) and wearing a saree ?

I think it won’t be a bad option πŸ™‚ !! Good luck !!



  1. A brilliant yet simplistic observation.

    the age ol’ saree has found its roots being shaken by the new western influences. lemme be clear i m not condeming “jeans nd top” and labeling it “western”. just the attitude is what keeps bothering me… i mean how many times do you see a woman walking graciouly wearing a saree and entering in a club or a lounge bar or a matter of fact a temple too.. the only time i have seen that happening is when girls are out for official meeting and have to rush for dinner or something after meetings. and there too they pretty much look like a senseless goose caught up in a hail storm.

    i still remeber seeing a sepcial frind in a saree many yers ago. That image is still intact in my head. SO shall it be… it was beauty personified. i had never known that the friend was that beautiful and feminine.

    I am kinda stayin away from gurls from quiet some time because of obvious reasons of “JAWANI” nd its “josh” but on a serious note i would be honered to take a girl to a valentine party wearing a saree…. which i know would never happen… nd i shall always remain at peace..

    I do feel bad for the saree….

  2. Real nice treat to read. A simplistic yet amzaingly thought provoking write up.

    I enjoyed !! Thanks

  3. Absolutely wonderful thought, n perfectly Indian….
    Even I agree to the fact that the best dress cloth is Saree n u definitley have given me the inspiration to wear it on next valentine (thats if i celebrate one)
    But if a lady is to wear a saree y not a guy should wear a kurta pyjama? A perfect complement to the gal’s dress. Guys feel out of place wearing it on a such an important day n the same way gals feel it a bit odd to wear it on this day. Especially wen you can hardly find guys (except for husbands) who would love to see their date in a Saree, leave aside the gal the guy would himself feel uncomfortable.

    Being a girl I have given u the exact reason that y a gal wud nt dress in a saree on such ocassions and also generally, not every1 is Sushmita who can wear those damn sexy sarees all the time n carry it well

    But i still consider ur original idea of saree being the best dress cloth. and ya wonderful writing as usual πŸ™‚

  4. @PuBs!
    dude, what else do i have to say !! We discussed this already πŸ™‚

    Thanks for appreciation.

    Aptly written and totally agreed to. But I don’t agree to one thing that “its an impportant day”. From my point of view, it is not and I prefer to celebrate every day as V-Day πŸ™‚
    But yes, the idea of kurta Pajama is an intriguing one. Hope you and ur Valentine can experiment with it πŸ™‚

  5. Hey man !!
    We wish & think abt many things but the best way is to let ppl do whatever they wanna do.

    Not sure if V-day has any importance these days &also most relations dont last till the V-day.
    (Practical analysis)

    The culture part from goggling was nice but not sure if wearing saries these days make gals at ease.
    I feel a bhandi in a saree has lot more natak then in jeans also if u are asked (i mean the look is enuf when u know it’s time to compliement them isn’t it ) to praise every now & then abt their saree,looks & sarees’ color & what not, i mean uttna time hain kiss ke paas dost πŸ™‚

    so Jeans is cool,saree ka natak functions main jalege bhai πŸ˜‰

  6. @Kunal
    well, even i tend to agree that its not easy to wear saree in day to day life. I gave you an example for y I started believing the same πŸ˜€

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