Posted by: DD | February 16, 2008

Indian Muslims

What I write below is in absolute sense my own ideas and point of view. Reader is allowed to differ and write his/her arguments for a HEALTHY discussion.

Another sharp discussion leading to another thought process which matured enough to make its way to this page. Last night I had a heavy (and very fruitfull) discussion, thanks to Mr. Raj Thackrey. With all the news of North Indians fleeing back to their native places and the whole social situation in turmoil, it somehow insinuated of the horrid partition time. Though I wasn’t a witness to the bloody massacre (may be in my previous life ๐Ÿ™‚ ) as I was born in 1984, but I have read enough to realize the pain people and the country went through during those times. It somehow felt that things are getting dirty yet again but on the regional basis this time.

The discussion went deep and the most sought-after topic, that of Hindu-Muslim rivalry, finally emerged. I have absolutely no problems with Muslims but somehow I tend to see them with an eye of dis-respect. No idea why, but yes I admit that I do. I feel slight rage when it comes to discussing this but I have no reason what-so-ever to feel this way. Long after the discussion was over, my mind refused to rest at peace and was digging deep to know the reason for such an unexplained indifference towards the Muslim community. I finally rested on to the fact that being born and brought up in an environment where you always hear of the sad stories about partition, various terrorist attacks in different parts of the world, etc. had sublimated its negative effect on my subconcious mind.

I didn’t feel happy about the fact and thought that definitely, not all Muslims are the same. Its just a handful of them who went bad and in turn earned a bad name for the community all together. This prompted me to list a few Muslims Indians who have done a great deal for Indian recognition and prosperity and are in true sense INDIAN.

  • Abdul Kalam Azad – a muslim scholar and senior political leader in the Indian Independence Movement. He was one of the most prominent Muslim leaders to support he Hindu-Muslilm unity and one of the biggest opposer to India-Pakistan partition. Post independence, he became the first Minister of Education in free India.
  • APJ Abdul Kalam – needs no mention to the current generation. He is more popularly known for his contribution to Indian Missile, Space and Nuclear Research programs, and less populary for his hair-style ๐Ÿ™‚ . He also served as the President of India from 2002-2007.
  • Ustad Zakir Hussain – the prodigious percussionist is the leading tabla artist of Indian Music. His unmatched skills have earned recognition to Indian Classical Music not only from Indian but the western audiences too.
  • M.F. Hussain – more popularly known as Maqbool ‘fida’ Hussain ๐Ÿ™‚ is arguably India’s best know artist. Also called “Picasso of India”, he has been confered with Padma Shree, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan for his outstanding success and contribution to Indian Art.
  • Mohammad Azharuddin – the elegant ‘wristy’ batsman will be remembered as one of the most successful Indian Cricket Captain under whos captaincy India won a record 104 ODI and 14 Test matches, a record which was later bettered by Saurav Ganguly. His wristy flick was one of the dangerous weapon against the opposition. It was once remarked that “It’s no use asking an Englishman to bat like Mohammad Azharuddin. For, it would be like expecting a greyhound to win the London Derby!”
  • A R Rehman – the music maestro who needs no introduction. Hits after hits, he made his way into people’s heart with his ‘rehman specific’ style of music. He is credited to take the music for a film to more important levels and grand success of his music for films like Roja, Rangeela, etc. prompted the directors and producers to take film music more seriously.
  • Shah Rukh Khan – the badshaah of Indian film Industry. Arguably the most popular Film Star on earth, is one of the most charismatic and energetic man alive. Married to a Hindu wife, he has taken Indian film industry to the world. The lead actor of one of the most longest running and successful film ever, DDLJ, his presence of mind and witty attitude has won billion of hearts and he continues to represent the Indian cinema at the world stage.

These are a very few of the Indian Muslims who have done India proud and there are thousands more who are constantly working hard towards a better India and a better humanity. I take this opprtunity to salute them all.



  1. Hi Deepesh,

    I think you missed a few more like,

    Gulzar – Lyricist
    Javed Akhtar – Lyricist
    Ustad Bismillah Khan – Shehnai
    Ustad Amjad Ali Khan – Sarod


  2. Girish,
    Gulzar is not a muslim. He is a sikh.

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