Posted by: DD | February 21, 2008

My Flying Experience

Poem based on true experience during an American Airlines flight from Chicago to London.

Sept 4th, 2007

Sitting at airport, waiting for my flight
I had a strange feeling
couldn’t make out whether wrong or right

26hrs of travel is really bad
especially when you don’t have anyone to talk to
you can end up being complete mad

praying to god, I boarded the air case
Every little bit of me
hoping to see at least one pretty face

Just when I thought that God gave me no choice
“What would you live to have, Sir”
Said a very cute voice.

I looked at her and forgot that a question was being asked
She was there with twinkle in her eyes
While I stared at her like dumb grass.

As time passed, we exchanged a few smiles
I stole every possible look at her
while my heart created imaginary files

I wanted to believe, she attempted my heart’s rob
though I knew it clearly, that by smiling
She was just doing her job.

Finally I realized the worth of my ticket money
When with comlete sweetness he asked
“Will it be Coke or Sprite, HONEY !!”

What happened next was beyond my imagination
she said something good
complementing my presentation

I said, “Yes, Sprite is fine but can I have it in glass”
to which she replied
“With that dimple of yours, leave aside glass
I can even let you fly FIRST CLASS.”

I had no idea how rest of the time was spent
I floated happily in my dream world
as tough had a private jet on rent.

Finally I reached my destination, my dreams went white
I de-planed with all happy memories in my heart
and confidence that my initial “strange feeling”
was so aptly ‘RIGHT’




  1. Wow, nice poem dude !! I didn’t know you could be poetic !! must have had a nice time in flight !! 😀

  2. what i like about your writing is the honesty and purity of ur expressions and the words u use….!!
    its rare! keep it intact!

  3. @Jaco
    Tx once again man. Infact, I started my writing with poems only !! I find them more close to my BRAIN 😛

    dude, what can I say. The honor is mine !!

  4. So true …so true … i remember when i first flew … i was so lost and confused that i forgot all about writing poetry and then have recovered only now after 3yrs … 😛

    Nicely expressed feelings

  5. @Tosha
    that wasn’t my first flying experience but ya, one that I’ll remember whole of my life.
    thanks for the comment 🙂

  6. hmmm… !!

    Your poem reminded me of my first flight…. and a lot many attributes in connection to that 1st flight. I always thought I’d pet them down but … may be they are inexpressible. 😉

  7. @Tosha
    correct, some feelings r better experienced than being caught in the wordly fashion.
    Thats when you can actually cherish them, through a smile, whenever u remember them 🙂

  8. Remember the sad and cherish the good 😉 he hee he!!

  9. lovely!!
    often reality is not interesting but u make it so..

  10. […] expression. And no one knows, who’s falling in love with you with your smile. For a proof, read my poem on my true […]

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