Posted by: DD | February 29, 2008

Mobile Camera-Redefined

Living alone (read bachelor) and getting involved into too many things can be time consuming and mentally draining. Due to this you tend to forget a lot many trivial things and hence face difficulties.

I am no different.

Ever since I bought a mobile with camera, around 2 years back (I had a mobile without camera until then), I have figured out its various unconventional uses which has made my life quite easy. Amidst the Railway and General budget’s buzz, i thought of another use and then realized that this can help others too. So here I list them down for everyone’s reference and I hope you people can find it interesting as well as useful. πŸ™‚

1. Groomed your hair in between of some thing when you have no mirror to look at ? Get your mobile cam to work and check yourself out.

2. Ever wondered how your back looks like? Again, mobile cam to rescue

3. Do you forget where you kept that important document/paper/article and now are desperately looking for it? Try clicking the pic of such important things when you keep them and will need it very near future and refer to your picture gallery whenever you are about to search for any thing.

4. Do you find it difficult to reconnect the computer/music system/home theatre system’s wires after you move them to new location? Take a pic of original setting before you dismantle them to move. Refer to reconnect.

5. Borrowed friend’s bike for some work. Parked it only to find that rest of the bikes parked around it are of same make (usually black PULSARs) when you return to get it from parking? Huh !! Mobile Cam to rescue again. Take a pic of the number plate of bike for reference.

6. (My favorite) Do you forget the date on which you went out with a specific girl/boy (just to ensure that you don’t go out with same girl/boy often, or any other reason for that matter πŸ˜‰ ) ? Well, just click a pic when ever you go out with some one and it automatically stores the date and time for you. Refer it back to see when you can go out with the same person again.

Use this trick to click any event you want to remember.

7. Tired of changing guards at the entrance of your society? Each time you go talk to them, you get confused as to who did you talked to last time (after all, they all look the same, at least to me) ? Easy way, click his pic and store it with his name. (He won’t even mind it, instead would be more than happy to pose for you, “personal experience”)

8. Do you tend to forget some very minute detail after a long-long technical/business meeting? Well, try clicking the white-board each time its about to be erased. You can refer to the images afterwards to ensure that you don’t miss anything. This will also give you free hand to concentrate more on what is being discussed than writing the things down. Go, impress your boss πŸ™‚

9. Liked the design of clothes/furniture/jewelery at a store and want to get the same thing made by your own designer at a low cost? Try clicking the pic for your reference. Be cautious, you can land in trouble or worse, embarrassment.

10. Do you forget whether some of your clothes are for cleaning/ironing or not ? And if yes, then which ones ? You can’t recollect until one day you want to wear one of them and then after rummaging through the almirah, you realize that its with the washer man. Well, simple trick. Click the pic of the bundle of clothes you give for dry clean just before giving them and delete the same pic when you pick them off. To check weather or not some of your clothes are with the washer man, just check your mobile for any undeleted pics. πŸ™‚



  1. i have been using at least 7 of these 10 tricks suggested for some tym now !! still, real gud to know i m not the only guy who has some brains to use the mobile cam differently !!

  2. @hemant
    there is no prize for guessing your intelligence πŸ™‚

  3. nice tips.
    ur fav. (no. 6) is now my fav πŸ™‚

  4. @Neha
    hehe, I can see a lot many praises for that !!
    M glad u liked it !

  5. nice work, man

  6. @Dianaay
    Thanks man, though I am wondering how to pronounce your name πŸ™‚

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