Posted by: DD | March 6, 2008

Jealousy – The Friend ‘n’ The Foe

Jealousy – a feeling that comes naturally to every human being – has various dimensions, causes and consequences. What I write today is a snapshot, succinct summary, precise crux of one of my more important learnings in life. It came partially through someone else – the details of which I will conspicuously avoid – and partially through my own habit.

I read this story somewhere that described two prisoners chained to their respective places in a common barrack. One was chained adjacent to the only window in the room and the other was chained to the far end from where he could see nothing out of the window.

It so happened that the prisoner nearer to the window used to describe the beautiful scene outside comprising that of little children playing in the lush green grass, people talking, sunrise and sunset to his fellow partner. He worded the scene so beautifully that the other prisoner felt irresistible craves to be next to the window.

One night, the prisoner next to the window suffered an heart attack and couldn’t call for help. The other prisoner watched him fidgeting but still didn’t raise an alarm resulting in the death of the first prisoner. After his body was removed, the left over prisoner requested to be shifted to the place near to the window that was readily agreed to. His happiness was very short lived when he discovered that there was nothing of that sort out side the window but a dumb black-grey wall. Now, the prisoner was left alone in the cell with no one to talk to.

Lets leave the story here for a while and return back to jealousy.

Very few people can actually accept jealousy as a good trait. I guess I am one of those. If used cautiously, I find jealousy as an inspirational tool that helps me to identify my shortcomings and allow me to think upon the improvements I can bring in myself to destroy the developed jealousy. An example to support is a real story from my life where I discovered myself of being jealous towards one of my ex-colleague. I was jealous that he had an unshakable perseverance and dedication towards solving a problem that I lacked. I never got to work with him, but seeing him work so hard, I confess, made me jealous. It made me try hard to overcome my feeling of jealousy and today, I am proud of the fact that I have achieved higher level of perseverance. As a result of my fight with the “good jealousy”, I ended up being a better person and that’s just because I accepted jealousy as my FRIEND.

Coming back the story, lets dig through it. The second prisoner was jealous of the prisoner near to the window and did not help him when he was in need as he had his mind on the place near to the window. But he suffered dual blow that not only did he had no beautiful scene to enjoy but in the process, he also lost his only partner who he could talk to. He suffered badly at the hands of jealousy as a FOE.

There is another hidden lesson for all of us in the story that indirectly relates to jealousy. It comes from the first prisoner who used to brag and make people inadvertently jealous. He attracted jealousy towards himself, though unintentionally, resulting in his downfall. Hence, it’s equally important for one to be modest and have cool head on ones shoulder.

As once remarked by a football coach when asked by a child as to why does the football gets kicked so hard and bad, the coach replied, “After all, it has so much air in it”.

In nutshell, jealousy is here to stay and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Better have it as your friend and raise your standard than having it as a foe and allowing it to raze you.



  1. All my respects to you my man…..!!!!
    it takes alot of courage for a person to accept his shortcomings and then mould it into their strenghts…

    who says ‘jelousy’ is a sin….??
    whoever it is just go thru this post…..

    DUDE! i am so ‘jelous’ of u….. nd i feel proud to accept that….

    u gave me something really precious today!!! the learning of being jelous….. thanks alot!

  2. Hmmmm…………..
    So here comes the guy again with a more loud bang…….
    Now this is wat I wud say WOW…. (although its kind of becoem a hard n fast rule
    M confused as to what is more to be parised…. what u write or how u write…
    Prior to the birth of this blog it was only how u write that was appreciated (by me) but nw what u write is also taking the first seat…..
    tough competition but a prob 4 readers like me..
    nyhw Keep going

  3. oh sir ..thank you for yet another gem…
    damned i am so jealous of your writing skill’s….
    indeed i endorse mrunalini’s view…i mean ,may be one can efficiently elaborate on a particualr topic(eg sanju baba’s marraige etc etc)…..but to select or pick a really meaning ful topic ….is itself an excercise….hooked–is the word sir!!!

  4. @Pubs!
    i ain’t anyone to teach the world something. Just presented what i thought might help everyone.
    Thanks for the comment.

    thanks again. As i said, you are a good critic

    please don’t address me as Sir. i ain’t one. 🙂
    Thanks for your appreciation.

  5. cant find words worth it..

  6. cant find words worth it..
    very true and close realtion to reality so very naturally and interestingly.

  7. Frrom many postcard mailings over the years I’ve learned to
    mail in skall mental health orientation x4 batches, not dozens
    of cards all at one time.

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