Posted by: DD | March 9, 2008

Black ‘n’ White

I had a date yesterday and it went much better than my anticipation.

For a change, I chose local PMT bus for the transport over bike. Bike can give you physical closeness but lacks the attention of at least one of the participants (mostly guys who are driving, but I have seen otherwise too). It cuts down the amount of quality time you spend together. On the other hand, local buses have their own charm. Along with physical closeness (thanks to the over populated buses) they give you more personal time together. It’s like being alone in the chaos. Like being surrounded by teeming hundreds of people who hardly care who you are. It gives you an enviable privacy in public. And the time you spend at the bus stop can instill many great conversations. Trust me on that.

We walked for most of the time. It felt so great to be back on my legs and walking such a long distance after a long time that felt like eternity. I was down with my right knee surgery and was not allowed to walk longer distances. But now, after 5 months of torture and restricted movements, I am firmly back on my legs. I can feel the fresh air in my lungs and rush of fresh blood through my veins.

We hanged out at CCD for an hour and enjoyed each other’s company every moment. How often does it happen that you go out with some one and still you enjoy the silence between you two? It was an awesome feelings sitting there and not having to talk. You have the comfort that you are not alone and still are not forced to unnecessarily present or listen to the views on how bad you feel about you current employer, or how your such a close friend is about to have a break up.

We had a quiet dinner at a very fancy restaurant and again the feeling was so very good. Next plan was to watch a late night show of “Black and White”, a recent movie by Subhash Ghai. I had always dreamt of walking on highway but never got a chance. Seems like I was high on luck when we decided walk to the theatre as the show was scheduled at 9:30 pm and we had around an hour in hand. Whiskings and the gust of wind left behind by each passing truck helped the dark night become lively. We counted the trucks passing by and till we reached the theatre, the total count came to 21.

The movie was an awful experience. I never expected such a loose direction from Subhash Ghai, the man who is said to be an institution in himself. The emotions that needed powerful human presentation were artificially created through technical and cinematographic brilliance. The lack in acting skills was made up by flashing camera and repeating the past scenes as layers. Film is too often marred by its digression from reality.

The new comer Anurag Sinha played the role of the terrorist and was absolutely linear. He wore the same angry expression throughout the movie without any variation. Also, I fail to understand that why do we always need to have a heroine opposite to every actor. The lady who played the love interest of this terrorist guy was useless and not at all required. Anil Kapoor was under utilized and marginally good. Shefali Shah, Anil Kapoor’s wife in the movie acted nicely but her role involved an awkward activist that didn’t flow well with the story. The ace among the lesser known pack was Gaffar Bhai. The theatre veteran Habib Tanvir was simply brilliant in his role of old poet who writes poetry till midnight, has a great sense of humor and knows exactly when the cameras need to turn on. His greatest asset is that voice of his. Even at such an old age, it has abysmal depth and leaves profound impression.

Some scenes and sequences in the movie were so naively scripted and directed that it made me wonder if it was really the veteran Ghai at work. For example, the scene where Anurag saves Anil’s daughter at Qutubh Minar to get in the good books of Shefali.

One thing I liked about the movie is the message conveyed. The movie does serve its purpose by successfully proving that the so-called suicide-bombers can be cured, terrorists can be restored to good means. All we need is to look at the greater good than short-term profits.

So, we came out of theatre at 00:30 am in morning and I confess I was disappointed. It was a not so good end to a great evening. But I am not complaining. I did many things that I have been dreaming to do for quiet some time. I found a fresh energy for coming hectic week at work.

It was revitalizing and pleasant day out. I am going to remember this day for long as it was for the first time I went on date with my solitude. I enjoyed every moment of it. As the movie said, life has more colors than just Black and White. I truly witnessed some never-seen-before colors of my life.



  1. So……………
    indeed it was a wonderful date
    n what is to be more appreciated is the way u have described ur date with urself….
    Man u can make ny1 grow blue with envy on reading such a romantic date
    but yes i really appreciate ur enthusiasm in going on a date with urself, romancing with urself n having the charms to describe the date so beautifully
    hats off to u… no infact i must say a pen off to u..

  2. hmmm “main aur meri tanhai!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Sir .for saving my life as well as for the monetary gain(i consider money saved is money gained) sir…..I was thinking of going for the movie with my date..she wuld have killed me..

    i might have skipped some part of your earlier blog’s coz…i dint knew that u were on medication for 5 months…anyway…god bless you…

    and sir ,u r sir because u are an iitian(a level higher than lesser moron’s like me)…take care sir..

  3. @Mrunalini
    thanks for that PEN off 🙂 !! That was my first one !!

    Dude, you got it a bit wrong. i am not an IITian but a IIITian i.e. Indian Institute of Information Technology.
    Hope that won’t deter you from reading and commenting here 🙂

  4. Oh…no problem sir…even if u would have been a matriculate i wud still have read ur blog….its worth it!!

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