Posted by: DD | April 17, 2008

Sexy Girl @ BSNL Office

It has been around 2 years since I landed (literally, that was my first time flying) in Pune. And now, I feel an urgent need to have a broadband connection at my place. Can you guess why? (Hint: I am an IT engineer by profession)

God bless the day i.e. March 26th, 2008 when I paid my first visit to local BSNL office to apply for a broadband. First shock I was greeted with was that I need to have a land line installed to get the Broad Band service. Ahh, of course, ever tried buying a candy stick at an ice-cream parlor? When the guy there doesn’t give you a candy stick without the ice-cream on top of it, how can the BSNL give you a phone line without an actual telephone connection on it. Stupid me.

Visiting their office again and again for the connection proved not only good for my professional self (remind me to tell you how) but also proved great for the charmer in me for I met this incredibly sexy and gorgeous girl at the BSNL office on my first visit. We didn’t talk but did exchange a few smiles. The next time I was there to check on my application, I met her again. Following is the brief account of how our conversation flowed. What we actually said is in regular font and what I think we meant to say has been (italicized).

Place: Heated and Dirty BSNL office.

Participants: DD – Yours truly, SG – The sexy girl at the BSNL office

SG – So, back again?

DD – Ya, these people don’t seem do things in first go.

(Ya, wanted to see you once again)

SG – Ya, even I am here to just remind them of my connection.

(Me too, Just prayed that I get to see you again)

DD – When did you apply for the connection?

(When do you want me to take you for a movie?)

SG – Same day you came to apply.

(I wanted to go out with you the first day I saw you. You never asked)

DD – I think they’ll do it this weekend.

(How about this weekend?)

SG – Ya, that would be great. Hope the same for you too.

(This weekend is great.)

DD – BTW, Whats the time by your watch?

(So, which movie show timing will you prefer?)

SG – 9am.

(9 pm, I like late night shows)

DD – And where do you work?

(That’s interesting, where should we meet?)

SG – I work at HSBC, near INOX.

(Lets meet at HSBC, near INOX)

DD – Its too late, don’t you have to go to work?

(Don’t you think that it would be late for you to return to your apartment?)

SG – No, am not going to work today. Don’t you have to work?

(No, who wants to go back to my apartment? Don’t you have room for both of us at your place?)

DD – Yes I have to. I should leave now. No pointing in waiting.

(Yes sweetheart but you should leave in morning without waiting for me to get up.)

SG – I too feel so. I have to meet a friend.

(Sure enough, I have to see my girlfriend the next day.)

DD – Great. Have a good day. Bye

(That’s perfect. I bet you’ll have a rocking time with me. See you)

SG – Same to you. B’Bye

(I can’t wait. B’Bye honey.)

The conversation went smooth just as my previous conversations with other gorgeous girls I have met but it felt nostalgic when she didn’t turn up for more than an hour while I kept waiting at HSBC near the INOX theatre.

Can you see a reason why?

I think I need to be more charming in my future conversations. What do you say?

P.S: Since you didn’t remind me to tell you how the visit contributed to my professional self, I won’t. Still I’ll give you a clue. I don’t like to work in my office and the BSNL and my office share the work timings.



  1. Hey
    This is gr8….. I never knew wat guys try to say thru their conversation… ( m sure atleast the guy part was correctly interprted, but i have doubts regarding the other interpretation)
    Hmm so next time wen i talk to a guy like that, my mind will automaticlly start thinking as per the program fed by u.
    Lets c hw our converstaion goes….

    Dnt say it only for SG, it’ll break so many hearts

  2. Hmmm … now this one reminds me … of my intraction with the Airtel CustCare … !!! good one!

  3. oops!!! The one above is me … can u please edit the user and put my links insted.

  4. 🙂

  5. Too Good !!!! ….

  6. @Atul
    thanks 🙂

  7. […] After two long months of pain and torture (physical as well as emotional), I finally got BSNL Broadband installed at my place this weekend and I write this from the balcony […]

  8. Heheh.. yeah happens.. Men after all. I waiting for the reality that u were thinking “sex” but didn’t come 😉 Still really good one!

  9. I like your blog, I think you’d like mine, I recently posted dirty pics of my cheating ex girlfriend for revenge:

  10. full of crap

  11. bull shit…dog shit…cat shit…..every word above is shit

  12. Howare you iam very 7faialg

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