Posted by: DD | May 1, 2008


!! when people sleep and things go risky,
`she’ wakes up to a bottle of whiskey

when others rest their baggage for a while,
`she’ picks her up wearing artificial smile

scrubs her nail and takes a bath,
`she’ gets ready to walk on tabooed path

ready to lose respect for money,
`she’ calls every dick and harry, “honey”

dresses up to eventually dress down,
`she’ gets pain but not an ounce of frown

when others put their soul in their work,
`she’ kill her’s while serving some jerk

sarcastically remarks that since souls never die,
`she’ repeats the killing while next person gets his share of pie

as I pass through her lane where people hardly care,
`she’ sends me signals through her provoking stare

I felt not horny but helpless and unfair,
`she’ had smell of jasmine mixed with irony in the air !!



  1. this should be titled not ‘SHE’


    lolz !

    great ol’fashioned rhyming piece..

  2. although,

    giving second thoughts…

    as someone rightly provoked me.,
    that the beauty of the poem lies..

    with the word ” . ” unspoken..

    true !

  3. gud job, boss !!

    quite sensitive.

    Almost and elegy to the oldest prfoession in the world.

  4. ‘she’ …
    the word echoes and reverbates long after I finished reading it.
    nice job

  5. i agree with what mark wrote.
    in addition to that, what i find superb is how simply you found exact rhyming words to suit the situation. Each word is perfectly in place.

  6. Form prose to poetry … like some one suggested you can consider a career change πŸ˜› … very well written poetry.!! what an amazing thought. bravo!!

  7. woooooooof!
    you’ve rendered me speechless..

    I felt not horny but helpless and unfair,
    `she’ had smell of jasmine mixed with irony in the air !!
    not untill here i realised wat the poem was all bout…
    reaaly imoressive!

  8. Thanks for visiting my site.
    Love your piece as well. I don’t do a lot of rhyming myself.

  9. sir,
    u see,
    u observe,
    u write,
    and we imagine…..feelin just like we are “there”….

    sadly though “she” too has a tough competition these days,wid lot of her kinds “catering” close at our offices and neighbourhood’s, doubling up as aunty’s and secretaries in the real world!!!!!

    brb…i can smell jasmine in the air.

  10. @Atit
    Truth, not sure… but my feelings.. for sure they are !!

    Thanks man !! Oldest ?? Are you sure ?

    Man, it echoed to me for more than a month before I worte it πŸ™‚ Thanks

    Thanks a ton for appreciation !!

  11. @Tosha
    Career change … nopes … you read my earlier poems too πŸ™‚ there is another one commimg up. Have a closer watch !! πŸ˜€

    Now thats really is ironical πŸ™‚

    Thanks for being here. Hope to see you again !!

    Dude, never thought ki u were in such an environment… it must have been aweful .. isn’t it ?

  12. dun ask me sir…my workplace is filled with those kinda women….damn a six month old chick in the organisation got promoted…fancy piece of @$$!!!
    and i was glad to know that u value me to miss me….m obliged….thank u..

  13. I’m waiting πŸ™‚

  14. interesting poem.
    nice rhyming.
    good comments

  15. @Nilesh
    might be that she did have something good in her (other than her fancy @$$ πŸ˜€ ), try looking into positives dude. It definitely helps.

    Thanks, do visit again !!

    !! kar raha main bhi us ghadi ka intezaar,
    aayegi wo, layegi bahaar, hai mujhe aitbaar !! πŸ™‚

  16. well may be!!but how do u explain this,her mentor is 14 months old in the org…has best of the ratings for succesive months…and has trained other’s too, just like her ..yet he and his other prodigy’s are still in the queue…..while miss fancy…walked away with the promotion letter…well that’s the situation..btw its her first job…and still needs to be told abt basics… m sorry,m using ur comments space to vent out……but m sure many of us go thrusituation’s like this ,at some or the point ,in our life….well i find solace in the saying..

  17. @Nilesh
    no problem man, its totally ok for you to write things you feel here. After all, you are among the veteran readers πŸ™‚
    But believe me, you need a bit more than Hard Work to rise in life πŸ˜‰

  18. This was touching man.. U should write a book man..


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