Posted by: DD | June 1, 2008


While browsing YouTube today, I came across this ad. Its a very old ad of Complan and I remember watching this when I was very young. It was pretty nostalgic to see it again but the more important and amazing thing I realized yesterday was that the kids in the ad are none other than our Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia.

Don’t believe, have a closer look for yourself.

[In case you are not able to watch it, please go here.]

This just proves one thing that Complan works wonders. I mean have a look at Shahid today. Handsome , Dashing, Cute and what not. Other than his height, he has every thing correctly in place. Awesome personality.

And please, don’t even get me started on Ayesha Takia. Being a guy, I should not even attempt that or the flow will unnecessarily drift towards unwanted description and ‘domains’ 😀 . But in short, she too looks awesome.

I guess this additionally proves two things.

1.) Complan does not help in growing height esp. in case of men. Shahid could manage just 5′ 7″ but Ayesha is ok at 5′ 5″.

2.) Complan helps women better than men. How? – Ayesha grew to be better than average Indian female in height as well as in ‘other’ dimensions. But Shahid is not that good in height but definitely in other areas.

Conclusion- If you have a baby girl, Complan is the drink. If you have a baby boy, Complan is still a must but try mixing it with some other stuff like Bournvita (for brains).

P.S: Now I understand why I am just 5′ 8″, average looking guy. My mom always gave me Bournvita to drink. Had it been complan, I would have been different, my life would have been different.



  1. When I was growing(in small village in North India) I was given pure cow milk (No water dilution ) and I am little less than 6′ and not bad in ‘other’ areas as a male.
    What I can say is that how much pure the milk is (in which Bournvita or Complan are mixed) matters more than either of these supplements.
    For gals no idea what boosts the growth in ‘other’ areas at least these supplements don’t claim that they are made for it. [:)]

  2. I could have never guessed they were SK and AT. I do remember that ad.. I used to drink maltova coz I liked it’s ad more.

    My mother often tells me a ‘complan story’
    They had got complan for my sis when she was a kiddo and she did not like the taste. My sis was very fond of dogs and she had petted a street-dog so my Ma gave the complan to the dog.. apparently to save it from getting wasted. I’ve seen that dog in pictures.. he grew up to be really handsome probably coz of complan ..

  3. @Satish
    dude, these supplements cannot boast of their ‘discreet’ disadvantage … they let the consumers (read Takia) do the talking (read ‘show off’ ) 😀

    See, that proves my findings. It even works for Dogs … now your sis would be sad when she finds it out (unless she has achieved the ethereal beauty sans complan) 🙂

  4. Well , nice to see that DD sir has started advertising news in Blog. I know that you can earn money by Blogs using GOOGLE ADSENSE which gives ads appropriate to the content in the blog. But this ex-PMP president is promoting the sales of the products in this new n innovative manner . Excellent idea dude 😛

  5. well , if u start with Shahid n Ayesha , lemme start with Prime misnisters….n even with Father of Nation..

    Budding Entrepreneurs can take this idea and make a business plan too….they don’t have to ask for any copyright I begin telling this “open source ” idea….

    1. Mahatma Gandhi used to dring “Goat Milk ” n became father of nation…n ppl thorught the world know him..what a great personality was her…

    There is no competition in selling :
    1. Goat Milk
    2. Goat Milk’s ghee
    3. Goat Milk powder .
    4. All related mil products which can be made from Goat’s milk also.

    Though a dozzen of products are there in the name of cow n buffalo n sold throughout the world.

  6. Also , Moraraji Desai , ex Prime minister of India , used to drink HUMAN URINE ….wat abt selling this ??? as a health drink…?? haha

  7. @Raghvendra
    First of all, thanks for reminding me of those ex-PMP president days !! 🙂
    Secondly, your idea is pretty good but will need more nurturing and hard ground work !!
    and when ever you are ready, you know who to buzz !! I will wait for the day !! 🙂
    and that last comment.. ewww… ewww… ewww… you lost all your credibility youearned with that goat milk idea with that new idea of urs 😀

  8. Yeah yeah.. and you would have been the chief editor of Aaj Tak, taking Rakhi Sawant’s interviews, and thinking, why did i drink too much of complan. But then u think.. ok fine.. good am at least not karan Johar!

  9. all i wanna kno is how did this post begin… y only complan… i think a prelude of this post will b more interesting… wat say?

  10. It’s good that you had bournvita, look Shahid lost to Saif. The latter must be having bournvita.

  11. @Varun
    hehe .. good one.. but please.. no Rakhi Sawant dude 🙂

    its all about the LIFE 😀

    @A bisht
    common, who actually wants kareena… not me 😀

  12. casperbaba has left a dedication for you on my blog. come check it

  13. And it reminds me of talking to you about Tata Nano and Indian marketing … 😀 !!

    It was a pleaseure to watch the vedio and as well as read your ever green humor.

  14. you should change your health drink :+(
    we want a new post ..

  15. Well lookin at Takia now.. I think the complan punchline should be changed to Lifebuoys..
    ” Complan hai jaha.. tandurusti hai vaha.. Coomplaaaaan..”


  16. Today b’coz of complan my height is
    7 feet 5 inches though age is 11.

  17. Only by this ad, this doesn’t prove that Shahid or Ayesha had drank Complan. Actors make ads only for money. This doesn’t means that they would have used this. I am shocked that how you people be fool believing this thing.

  18. i m a complane boy

  19. i’m so much confused.

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