Posted by: DD | June 29, 2008

Story of Rs 1

Finally, I am back from a long vaccation. But I also am sad as well. No body missed me (except Aria, I am thankful for that comment Aria). Bhuuuhuuuhhh 😦

Well, it was a wonderful vaccation. I spent some quality time with my parents and then flew off to spend some great (but short) time with my cousins. From my mother’s family, we are 11 cousins in total. (Children of all my mamas and mausis). It was hell lot of fun to be together after a long time. Every time we planned a get-together, some one or the other could not make it due to some or the other reason. So in short, I enjoyed.

While I was at Gurgaon, my home town, I was robbed. Well, not by some mugger but by a strange habbit which the shop-keepers out there have developed. Whenever I went to sop for some household stuff (say bread, toast, juice, etc.) I always faced a common problem of change. No one was ready to tender the correct change. The shop keeper work in the multiple for 5.

For e.g., whenever I bought some thing for, say Rs 14, I always got back the money in the multiple of Rs 5 and toffee for the left over amount (Rs 1 in this case). For initial one or two times, I didn’t pay attention and gladly accepted the toffee, but then I noticed that the shop-keepers have made this into habbit and are making good enough money. When I refused to take the toffee in place of Rs 1 or Rs 2, the shop-keepers asked mte to get proper change.

But seems like they didn’t know me well for I pledged to make them taste their own medicine. I started collecting the toffees and on the last day of my stay, I went to one of them (we buy most of our daily needed things from his shop) and asked for a loaf of bread. “Rs 14 bhaiyaji”, he croaked in his toad-like voice. It was the moment I was waiting for. I pulled 14 toffees I had collected over the period of time and placed them on his counter. After having a short look at his stunned face, I turned back and started to leave for home when he cried, “Bhaiyaaji, ye kya hai”. “Wahi toffees hain jo aapne mujhe jabardasti pakada di thin. Hisaab barabar.”, I shouted without turning back.

Yesterday my dad told me on phone that the guy has been giving proper change since I left. πŸ˜€

P.S: I had a great flight from Delhi to Raipur, anecdotes of which I’ll pen down shortly. This post was to break the long jinx of not posting anything. πŸ˜‰



  1. hehhe yeh sahi kiya bilkul. He needed your kind of dose. yeah these shopkeepers often do that.. thats how they sell these toffees that no one cares to buy… and yes I did miss you – and see I’m the first one to comment here too. : D welcome back.

  2. πŸ™‚
    kaunsa dukaandaar tha bhai?
    sector 4 ke dukaandaar by god ki kasam….
    aab kya boloon… v both know….

    abey oye! WTF! just coz v never mentioned that v missed ya doesn’t mean that v didn’t….!
    public forum pey gali nahee doonga!
    tum apney aap hi samajh jaooo!

  3. hey dude
    so finally bak….
    after nt posting a comment 4 so long i realized that i missed ur blog
    nw out of town or not out of town keep up wid ur blog entries i dnt like turing bak empty handed day afetr day
    n thats the same thng i used to do in my college… still our canteen guy didnt change..
    waise which shopkeeper was that??
    n ya !!!!A BIG HEARTY WELCOME!!!!

  4. Its been about 4 yrs I left India.. but yes.. this Rs 1 kissa was very popular even before that.. not just these karayana walas.. I remember the stationary guy I used to visit.. even he kept couple of boxes of Toffees next to the billing counter.. used to get irritating since I never liked eating toffees and gums.. but used to take anyways and give it to somebody at home.. never thought of what u did to that guy.. just brilliant !!

  5. @Aria
    Thanks !! πŸ™‚

    abe.. aaj kal to halat aur bhi kaharab hai in $%@#$ dukandaroon ki. And man.. after hearing those words, I am fuckin sure u missed me πŸ™‚

    Thanks… at least u broke your routine of NOT commenting. I am glad πŸ™‚

    Thanks… I was damm happy to see the look on his face. It was worth it πŸ™‚

  6. I never missed u or ur posts ..cause I have just started reading ur blogs a few days ago.. πŸ™‚ Now coming to the post..It was real good.. Jab tune toffees di hongi to bechare ki to *** gai hogi.. hahaha..

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