Posted by: DD | July 2, 2008

Simplyfly Deccan

Ok, so here is what I promised in my last post !!

During a phase of my vaccation, I was flying from New Delhi to Raipur with Air Deccan. Its been long since I used their services (last I remember travelling with them was before its merger with Kingfisher) and boy, I was impressed. The Air Deccan has beautifully over-hauled itself to Simplyfly Deccan. Some of the major changes I noticed are as follows:

  1. The best comes first. No more random seat allocation. Your boarding pass has a pre-assigned seat printed on it. Now only people who’ll rush into the airplane would be the ones who cannot control their urge to discover how beautiful air-hostess assigned to the flight is. I guess they should print the photographs of the air-hostesses on the boarding pass so that the curiosity dies and people can board the air-case peacefully.
  2. The air-hostesses are far more prettier than what Air Decaan had, thanks to Mr. Mallaya. Well, this reminds of a popular joke which goes as: “I wonder what would Mr Mallaya be feelings after his teams pathetic loss at IPL”. “Well, I guess he must be feeling the cheer-leaders.” 🙂 Ok, for the record, my air-hostesses were Priyanka (the Lead Air Hostess) and Priya (the more beautiful one) 🙂
  3. The interiors of the air-craft have been revamped to suit the RED theme of Kingfisher. The total look and feel of the airplane is as hot as the ladies managing the passengers in it.
  4. The seats are superb with extra room so that your ‘tashreef’ rests perfectly well. I think Simplyfly Deccan has the best seats (with leg room) available in their class of flyers.
  5. The air-conditioning is perfect. Its feels pretty chilled in there. I guess its a deliberate move to make it extra cool so that the HEAT generated from presence of the extra-hot air-hostesses in there gets neutralized. But man, I am still feeling the heat long after the flight is over.
  6. You get many free water bottles. A great change from giving nothing but not-so-good airhostess’s smile for free to giving HOT air-hostess’s smiles along with water bottle for instant cooling effect. When Priya was handing me over my 200ml water bottle, with 5 more of them in her other hand, I thought of a killer opening line and said, “Oh my god!! I hope lifting these water bottle don’t sprain your wrist. Here, let me hold it.” To my amazement, she smiled and said, “Oh, so sweet of you” and she handed me over the 3 of the 5 water bottles in her hand to pass on to my neighbours. I did not see that one backfiring for I meant holding her wrist.
  7. Simplyfly Deccan has a cool in-plane discounted market from where you can buy great stuff at very cheap prices. I am sure Priya wanted me to buy her that cute diamond necklace for 3K bucks for she subtly leaned forward to ask me how will I take my coffee and when I told her that I like it black, she pretended she did not hear my response stretching her neck a bit more in my direction. I am sure (yet again) that it had nothing to do with the serving troley in front of her. Had I had a little more cash in my wallet, for they did not accept the Credit Card, one of the most wanted guy would have lost his single status by now.

Well, these were some of the many changes I noticed. But with the rising inflation, rising ATF (Airplane Turbine Fuel) cost, and rising cost of maintaining beauty (I am sure recently ‘committed’ guys can relate to it), I fear that sweet girls like Priya will no more be available for its getting extremely difficult to operate an airline. Fearing this, I whispered my Name and Phone number to her while de-planing and asked her to give me a call whenever required.

I climbed down the air-plane stairs and started to walk towards the terminal at Raipur when I heard some-one calling my name. I stopped and looked back. It was unbeleivable. Priya was walking towards me while calling my name. I was ecstatic. She came to me and said, “Mr. Deepesh”, “Call me Deepesh”, I cut her short. She smiled and said, “Ok Deepesh. I think you forgot your bag in there. I thought I should ‘call’ you and return it back. Have a pleasant stay in Raipur.” Having said that, she handed me over my bag and walked away. But hey, I was glad, at least she ‘called’.

P.S: I was dis-heartened that this happened before I entered the terminal. I wished for people who came to pick me to see this so that I could falsely boast of ‘pataofying’ an air-hostess. After all, Priya could not tell them the truth, like she cannot tell youif all this is true. 😉



  1. yeah sab MOH MAYA HAI! meredost.. baki sabi batein mein tumko gmaill par bataoonga! 😀

  2. Hmm ok this is a “kiddo post”, so no comments :+)
    I did read though, from top to bottom ..without missing a single line.

  3. I wonder how cum u r lucky every time to have ur so described air hostesses in ur flight, n hw cum even after such “cheesy” lines u dnt get that dirty look, rather u derive the benefit 4rm it.

    n i can also c that this post is more of those HOOOT hostesses, although u have tried to cover it up by highlighting the other not so imp details…….

    so do v have a poem on this plane trip also????????

  4. ahem .. I am too demanding it seems.. waiting for a new post :+)

  5. I agree with Aria… rnt u taking tooo much gaps in between???
    i knw u r busy.. but u can always take out time for YOUR blog and YOUR readers…..
    nw cum on buck up…

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