Posted by: DD | July 17, 2008

Impression of Her

… and last thing I can think of is her potent smile,
her laughter driving me crazy, her hair flowing like Nile.

… and the last touch I can feel is the warmth of her hand,
her skin smooth as ever, on the evening we never planned.

… and the last smell I can remember is the perfume she used to wear,
her presence making everything perfect, with all the silence we share.

… and the last taste I can remember, is the taste of the kiss,
her hands trembled in my hair with every breadth that she missed.

… and the last sound I can remember, is the sound of her heart,
pumping with all its might, struggling to keep her from the start.

… and the last sight I can remember, is when she closed her eyes,
her calm face turning expressionless, the moment she dies.

Why should I move on, why do you think I am alone,  sir,
She is with me more than ever,  all my senses have indelible impression of her …



  1. amazing. touched my heart straight away.

  2. what a beautiful poem.. deeply affecting..

    “her skin smooth as ever, on the evening we never planned”

  3. reading your posts for some time now… this one made me comment.
    seems like your regular readers didnt like this one.

  4. hey buddy,…
    the romantic king is bak..
    its just difficult to believe that u have not experienced nythng even remotely close n u still manage to pen down thngs so ……………….
    after a long time u have left me speechless

  5. sweeeeet poem.. i love it..

  6. It was lovely yaar.. Touching..

  7. Certainly a good one..

    • thanks Punam. Hope you enjoyed reading here.

  8. Really Heart-touching…
    The Best piece of writing I have ever read…

    • Thanks Mahtab. Hope u enjoyed reading other bits too 🙂

  9. Hey DD … Really nice poem! Loved it 🙂

    • never read ur comment till date. Thanks Meera 🙂

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