Posted by: DD | July 25, 2008

Nouakchott Trip – 1

Here I am, sitting by the pool, listening to great music, enjoying the WI-FI access to write this post.

As many of you already know, I am in Nuackchott, Mauritania for business purpose.  Had a long 24 hour flight from Mumbai -> Paris -> Nouakchott. Got in here last night 8:30pm local time, straight away went for a dinner with my manager and the Client. Came back, slept and just woke some time back.

Ok, lets make it short. Some general observations:

  • When you look down to the city from the air-plane, all you can see is small discreetly placed houses and sand. Only a couple of roads are visible. A closer look while we were riding last night for dinner told me that though the roads are there, they are all covered in sand.
  • Donkeys. The way we have cows, you have donkeys roaming around here.
  • Arabic is the main language though people do speak a lot of French and a little bit of Spanish.

The hotel is great, probably the best available in the city. Things in the hotel, as expected, are far more than expensive. For example, a normal breakfast in morning costs 4000 MRO i.e. around Euro 12.5 i.e around Rs 800.

Sad part, I donot have anything Vegetarian available. Meat is like a staple fod out here. And no microwave in the hotel room makes it even more difficult to sustain. Hope I come alive out of this.

!! Amen !!



  1. I didn’t know.. but now I do… :+) hadn’t even heard of this place . .dumb me.
    I hope you’ve figured out something by now to sustain yourself .. try having fruits/dry fruits/ juices . .cliched advice.. I know . .

    take care and have fun ..

  2. chakooooo.
    weird place… havent even heard the name before…
    hope you live to tell the tale 😛
    best of luck

  3. @Aria
    hehe .. thanks for the advice… any help would be appreciated !!

    THanks… but i am liking it for sure !! a totally new experience !

  4. Hmmm… seems like a good place to visit.. I agree about the food.. it is a delight for non-vegetarians but do try their Hummus, Falafel, Tabbouleh, Baba Ghanoush.. these are some real nice veggie items they have.. u may also find Dal in the form of Lentil soup.. hee hee.. and don’t for the famous Baklava in Desserts..
    Have fun

  5. I mean.. don’t FORGET the famous Baklava 🙂

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