Posted by: DD | August 2, 2008

Nouakchott Trip – 3

Tough Days are nearly over !!

I have been working on an average of 14-15 hours a day for past 6 days and finally today is the last. I leave Mauritania at 10:45 pm tonight.

Living here was tough, really tough. I realized how my life would be without Hindi speaking people, without food, without girls. Oh my god, this was the hardest punishment I got for doing good work.

Anyhow, every stage in your life comes with some lessons. I learnt my set too on this trip.

You know, how some times we talk of bad luck. Well hear this and then tell me about it. Past 9 days, hard time and today being last day, I had less of work. So I kick off the work to run on its own and leave the office to visit some local jewelery shop near by to kill some time and thought would come back in an hour to finish up the remaining but very crucial part of work.

I don’t know the local language so was having hard time talking to the shop-keepers. Then, suddenly this sweet lady walks in the store to my rescue. She was from Florida and working for some NGO in Africa. She helped me with my talks with the locals as she was living in Mauritania for past 3 years. We roamed around for a while to various shops. Then suddenly she asked me if I want to join her for lunch.

Now, I want to go. Seriously. A cute and sweet lady wants to have lunch with me. Why would I say no. But the bad luck, is that I have to return to office to address that ‘fucking’ ‘crucial’ part of the work. I had no choice but to decline. It was like, I was in the desert for past 9 days, searching for some ‘water’. When I could not find it for 8 days, I thought, lets fast today. At least I’ll earn some ‘punya’. And when I fast, I finally reach an oasis.

!! SHIT !!

Anyways, that is life. Not always rosy.

Ok, so as usual, here are some more generic observations about this place:

  1. You will hardly get to see a two wheeler in this city. But plenty and plenty and plenty of cars.
  2. People drive cars of all range. Expensive BMWs, Mercedes, VolksWagon  to all dented crap hundredth hand car.
  3. Most of the taxis in city are old 1970s Mercedes model which are ‘some how’ still running.
  4. The keyboards here are not the ones we have in India. For technical guys, we have QWERTY in India and these people have AZERTY ones. I had tough time typing on them.
  5. People here are HUGE fan of Indian movies and songs. But they use Arabic sub-titles to watch our films. ShahRukh Khan is one of the favorites.

Finally, I end this last post from Mauritania. India, my love, I am comming !!



  1. Hi Deepesh!

    Like this review! Hope you recover from the punishment I’ve put you (and me!) through this past two weeks.
    And, I wouldn’t have minded had you had lunch with that girl… sometimes work comes second 🙂


  2. @My Manager
    hey Stuart, you could have used your name instead :P. Well, don’t worry about me. Punishments are for improvements 😀
    Reached back safely and had a better flight. 🙂

  3. so you are back! welcome back. hope to see something new.

    had never heard of this place .. but if they like SRK(ugh).. god bless them..

  4. Hey Deepesh ,
    Nice article on unknown land ..

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