Posted by: DD | August 9, 2008

Singh is King

In a short sentence, if you want an entertainer with no brains to be used, if you want mind-less comedy which blows your brain veins, this is the movie for you.

Akshay Kumar has slowly and steadily established himself as the True King of comedy with every new performance being better than the previous one. Yet again, he’s rocking.

The movie has some very good moments like the starking contrast in which the ‘two’ kings are introduced. Sonu Sood, the ‘don’ king steals the opening shot of the movie by gliding in air using a parachute trying to catch his enemy and the ‘real’ king Akshay enters after some time, gliding in air but trying to catch a hen.

Another fantastic moment is the entry of Katrina Kaif. She has never looked so elegant and beautiful before. Her first shot i.e. her entry leaves you agape, with your jaws dropping and you wonder, how on earth can some one look so beautiful. Though she doesn’t know how to act and speak hindi, still she steals hearts just by her smile and ethereal beauty. The part I did not like was when she tries to do a Kajol (Suraj hua madham) in the song ‘Teri Aur’. She cannot carry that elegant black saree as good as Kajol does. But hello, she has other ‘important’ things to carry 😀

Another highlight of the film is Javed Jafery. The dancing king is back with a short but amazing dance song which will blow your mind away. I always have been his dance fan and I saw him dance after a long long time in this movie and trust me when I say that he is still the King of dance. Those 3 minutes of the movie were the more entertaining for me than anything else. (Sorry Katrina 😀 ).

Kiron Kher gives yet another of her stereotyped ‘punjabi’ masala performance and deserves full marks for her role. But honestly, I would like to see her stretch her acting wings a bit more wider. She is capable of more mature and better performance than the single ‘traditionalist’ delivery she has been giving lately.

On whole, the movie has a flawed script and weak direction but the pure screen presence of Akshay Kumar with fantastic and commendable support from Om Puri lifts the whole movie to another level.

In the end, if you are not a mind-less and script-less movie fan, still watch Singh is King for a.) Akshay Kumar b.) Javed Jafery”s dance and c.) Katrina’s mind-blowing beauty (in that order).

BTW, there is another version of “Singh is King” running around lately. If you are the unlucky one to miss is, here is the promo poster for you.

True King

True King

Hope you’ll enjoy it. I know I did.



  1. Javed Jafrey preffered over Katrina ?
    How gay are you ? 🙂

  2. wow I’d love to watch JJ dancing on the big screen.. and I like Akshay.. however I can’t watch it as of now.. would catch it on cable or on some channel.. whenever its on air ..

  3. Nice review… I’d rather say, Akshay has established himself in the comedy-without-brains category, just the goofy slapstick ones… stuff that you feel after paying 200 bucks… Esp after welcome, am not gonna check this out… BTW, nice to see a blog of another movie buff…

  4. this is very good carry on

  5. Singh is king

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