Posted by: DD | August 10, 2008

Gone are the Days

Gone are the days when we use to get up early to attend school,

Now we wake up early to make our managers a fool

Gone are the days when at 2 pm we use to compete to get the “window” seat
Now we have forgotten to have friendly competitions under the work heat

Gone are the days when we used to shout on road,
Now all we do on road is code*

Gone are the days when we use to talk hours with friends and never said bye,
Now we don’t even have time to say HI

Gone are the days when we went to friends place to meet,
Now all we do is use ORKUT to greet

Gone are the days we use to play under stars,
Now they are only seen when our code and us are at wars

Gone are the days when our pockets were empty but love filled in hearts,
Now our pockets are filled but with empty hearts

Gone are the days when we knew the fresh milk taste,
Now we can just crave while having the MACHINE coffee in haste

Gone are the days…
Gone are the days…

But surely not the memories
We still being humans, is more than required proof for the same.



  1. hehe so true and how nicely who have compiled all this in a delightful rhyme.. lovely ..

  2. fir gaayab ho gaye? :+(

  3. Halo sir!!(jhappi emoticon).I am extremely sorry i was not able to reply to your mail…I was touched by your gesture of mailing me….i was/am kinda “busy” these days..yep, i’ve quit that “BPO” and joined a b-school…i guess enuf abt me over here…..
    i just cleared the “backlog” and read all the posts….Thank you for taking me along with u on your trip to Noukachott.singh is king as we all have observed is indeed a mindless ,but entertaining movie..i have seen it already…but wud have certainly seen it if i had missed it,thanx to your elaborate promotion in favour of katrina and JJ.waiting for more stuff from you sir…

    P.S (for the ladies)….hiiiiii mrinalini and aria… are u doing ladies??i hope u too missed me :p….take care everybody..

  4. Hi sir…i hope u are fine….its been a while since u’ve posted something…..waiting eagerly to hear anything from you…god bless you

  5. 😦

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