Posted by: DD | May 28, 2009

10 ‘not-so-obvious’ Reasons to have a Girlfriend

I had a long discussion with some of my ‘gf-se-pareshan’ kind of friends where I was exposed to 101 reasons why you should never have a girlfriend. Every point from how you loose your independence to how you have to be at her constant beck and call was discussed.

Like a good manager (after all, I am about to be one), I firmly believe that no discussion is complete unless the arguments for and against it are considered. But here we had a slight problem. No one was ready to speak ‘for’ the motion. So like a true leader (yeah, I am about to be one), I took the initiative to list down 10 not-so-obvious reasons why you should have a girlfriend.

1.) Show Off

Well, for me, this is the best use you can put your GF to. OK OK, don’t frown. Second best. Happy J (Guys will remain guys and they will always approve that when you cuddle, girls don’t seem to have any bones ;)) Having a GF is a big status symbol and you are held in high esteem among your lonely and wretched friends. The respect you get is directly proportional to the ‘hotness’ of your GF.

2.) To Appreciate the Beauty of Nature (Pun Intended)

Tell me, if you are single, how many times you have visited a park or sat beside a flowing river? Well, if you have a GF, then you will be doing this and similar things more often and truly appreciate how beautiful has god made this nature (After all, you also need a secluded place to really appreciate her beauty)

3.) Emotional Cover

Ever felt so lonely when you have a fight with your boss, when some when else gets promoted and all along you thought it would be you, when you are pissed off as things are not going right for you. That’s when GFs come a lot handy. They are your emotional cover when ever you are in distress and pressure. And much to your amazement, I can tell you that girls are great listeners when you want them to be.

Perfect person to make you feel special and wanted and charge you up with positivity.

4.) Beat the Queues

Well, thanks to the government of India, women get preference in all and every queue. Be it your cell phone bill queue, electricity bill queue, water bill queue, railway reservation queue or for that matter any damm queue. GF is of great assistance in all such and related cases.

5.) To Take Someone to an Office Party

Now, this is something we have all experienced. The parties where you are allowed to bring in your partner are envious to ones who are singles. I have seen singles trying their best to thwart the HR’s attempt to organize such parties.

But hey, if you have a GF, you can proudly walk into such parties and avoid ‘oh-poor-fellow’ stares from other not-so-single people out there.

6.) A Personalized Event Organizer

No one can negate the exceptional quality of women to remember dates and their personal dislike in case you forget one. As some one said, the best way to remember your wife’s b’day is to forget it once. So who could be better for you to help you remember all your important dates than a GF? Be it the date of your next visit to doc, your cousin’s b’day, your assignment submission deadline. You name it and she remembers it.

The only caution you need to exercise here is to remember all dates that are important for her. Like when did you propose her, when did you first kiss her, when did you officially went on a date, etc., etc.

7.) Buy Gifts for Your Sister/Mom/Aunts

I know, any girl who is a good friend will do this for you but trust me when I say that GF is the best. She knows you, and most probably, knows what kind of taste your mom/sister/aunts would have as you would have discussed them with her some or the other times.

8.) Your Personal Fat-o-Meter

You won’t have to wait for your trousers to tell you that you are growing fat and by then, its already too late meaning far more hard work to get back in shape. Your GF can be the best fat-o-meter and will be the first one to tell you in case you are turning fat. How do they get to know that is still a secret which I am trying hard to find.

9.) Your Free Health Inspector

You won’t get close to bad habits, esp. smoking, in case you have a GF. Well, this may not apply to everyone but the guys that do get intimate with their GFs (trust me, not every one is allowed to unless they get the ‘married’ tag stamped on them) are the ones who are to benefit the most. How? Well, if you smoke or drink, you would have a bad breadth/teeth and she will not enjoy those intimate sessions with you. So you won’t have a choice but to give it up. After all, what you get in return is more important. 😉

10.) Your Savings Manager

Guys, by nature have hard time saving money until they get married (then they have no choice but to save). GF can help you in this case as girls like to save a lot. If you are lucky enough to find a level headed GF, then she can actually teach you the basics of savings. Now, who would not like to have an inflated bank balance (even if that gets depleted later on to fulfill her wishes :P)



  1. This is awesome. At least one guy understands the need of having a GF.
    But guys, do not give these reasons ever to your GF else you will never be able to enjoy the natural beauty 😉
    Deepesh, please post the article telling the reasons you discussed with your friends against the motion. I am sure that would make an interesting reading too- for the girls and for the single guys 🙂

    • I think I have to agree with you on this part. Guys, these reasons are for you and you only. They should never reach your GF’s ears. 🙂

  2. Nice to read somthing from your end. i’d been waiting for some time now.!!

    The tips are really nice!! I must say gr8!

    • thank you Tosha.. so, hows Canada treating you ? How is your first week coming along ?

  3. Hey DD,

    Good to know, that you accept the fact that girls can make your life (personal/official), health, finance better 🙂

  4. Please write something on 10-reasons-not-to-have-girlfriends?

    Nice analysis though.

  5. funny ofcourse…
    nice article

  6. Good One Lucky…..

  7. dude if havin a GF is so worth while…then i guess having more than one, would be pretty fruitful what say ??
    If u r caught thn u can always give the 10 reasons by DD… 😉

  8. dude if havin a GF is so worth while…then i guess having more than one, would be pretty fruitful what say ??
    If u r caught thn u can always give the 10 reasons by DD… 😉

  9. funny enough …
    must say, i liked them all

  10. Well I will give some obvious reasons 😛

    11. Have fun for free 😛

    12. Make female friends of your gf as your own friend and flirt with them . May be get a backup gf 😛

    13. Practise the art of flirting which may help in future relations.

    14 . Oppurtunties to be a “love guru ” .

    15 . The ones who had been in a relationship are often better poet , and get much better when they get betrayed . ( Bachhan’s Madhushaala )

    Btw , why dont you get a gf when there are so many good reasons …?

    • haha .. nice ones …

      but still, they are not good enough to persuade me to get one 😛

  11. Nice one Lucky.. I must all reasons are absolutely spot on.. Not so sure about the last one though.. They can help u save 100 rs but can make u spend a 1000 🙂

  12. Nice one Lucky.. I must all reasons are absolutely spot on.. Not so sure about the last one though.. They can help u save 100 rs but can make u spend a 1000 🙂

    • arery sir ji .. looks like you missed the last line in the 10th point.
      that states what you said .. 😛

  13. liked them.
    Not sure about the point 1 though. May be its that typical Indian thing. is it ?

    claps 🙂

  14. brilliant

  15. aww .. you are sweet. I am gonna show this post to my boy-friend, if I ever have one, i.e.
    But you know @ 4, sometimes it can backfire!
    Once (that was long back) I’d queued up for a ticket at the New Delhi railway station and the Ladies counter queue was so damn long that it would’ve taken me hours. I tried to line-up in the general queue but the men just wouldn’t let me! But then I had my way somehow ..

    why don’t you write more often? Miss your posts.
    take care.

    • hey Aria, long time… how have you been.
      Your case was an oddity .. so lets just ignore it for the time being… but I am sure u had the ‘way’ .. btw.. what did u do 😛

  16. hmm.. seems like i will have to find one soooon… 😀

  17. I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep on writing such interesting posts!

  18. I got interested party – I’ll check back often, I wanted to say hello

  19. Haha I hope this is a joke. Having a girlfriend is a waste of time. There is nothing a woman can offer you (other than sex) that a good friend can’t. Committing to a person, and changing your goals and plans to accommodate them is an insane idea, especially when we only get this little blip of life, this short span of existence, in an amazing world waiting for you to take it by the horns. Have fun not achieving the goals you always wanted to before you started your relationship. All this obviously goes for marriage too.

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  22. That was fine….eermm fine, yeah fine..

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