Posted by: DD | December 30, 2009

God’s Technological Skills

Warning: To fully understand and appreciate the following post, reader is expected to have basic computer literacy.

For the people who are not that computer literate, here is a list of conversion.

  • 1 Bit can be either 0 or 1
  • 1 Byte = 8 bits
  • 1KiloByte(KB) = 1024 Bytes
  • 1 MegaByte (MB) = 1024 KB
  • 1 GigaByte (GB) = 1024 MB
  • 1 TeraByte (TB) = 1024 GB
  • Therefore 1 TB ~= 10244 Bytes

!! A single sperm has 37.5 MB of DNA information in it. That means that a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1587.5 TB !!

I recently came across this piece of information and tried to validate it. To my amazement, I discovered that this is absolutely true.

This left me wondering and as if that was not enough, I was dumbstruck when I saw through the statement and inferred following facts:

1.) The Compression Algorithm

Now it is difficult to analyze, but consider this. The best available algorithm designed by man has a compression ratio of around 85% for pure text. So going by that standard, 1587.5TB can be compressed to 238 TB.

Now our normal desktop computers have around 500 GB of hard disk on which you can roughly store 75,000 mp3 songs. So going by that standard 1587.6 TB can store around 23,78,02,058 (23.78 crore) mp3 songs.

Now compare this with the compression mechanism of god which can store around 1587.5TB of data i.e. around 23.78 crore mp3 songs, in just 1 tea spoon (that is the volume of ‘one act’). That’s what I call a brilliant ‘squeeze’ 😉

2.) The Data Transmission Speed

The current laboratory fiber optic data rate record, held by Bell Labs in Villarceaux, France, is multiplexing 155 channels, each carrying 12.5 GB per sec. Meaning, they were successfully able to transfer 155 X 12.5 = 1937.5 GB per sec that is equal to around 1.89 TB per sec. This is approximately equal to be able to download/upload 2.83 lakh mp3 songs in 1 second.

Now compare this speed with that of God’s ‘data pipe’. A normal man can ‘transfer’ 1587.5 TB of data in approximately 3 seconds (the final moments of ejaculation). This boils down to the speed of 530 TB per sec. This corresponds to downloading/uploading 794 lakh mp3 songs per second.

So your ‘tool’ has a higher bandwidth than any internet connection that ever existed, and is ever likely to exist anytime soon. Now, imagine a machine that used your saltshaker to surf the internet.

And to top that, this much data is really generated from a man’s ‘I-pee’ address.

And all this has been true since the birth of first male on the earth. Long long before computers came into being. Now this speaks volumes about God’s Technological Skills.

What do you say ? 🙂



  1. Some shortcomings in this research :

    1. Is the transfer rate and download speed same , even when rate of ejaculation per day is too high ?

    2. What is the effect of medium of ejaculation ? e.g doesn’t it vary in air , water or v***** or a**

    3. The effects of age , emotions , climate and food should also be considered .

    4 . Why the rate is constant when environmental conditions are variable ?

    5. Why god couldnt do any better 😀

  2. Please consider mdm. all the sperms contain similar data…actually you transfer so many sperms but not so much amount of data. hypothesis is wrong. :)Ani

  3. Dude …

    you have counted last 3 seconds for man……….what about the hard work before those 3 minutes ..he he ..

    Chacha sudherega nahi tu …yahi mila tha tujhe compare karne ko ..

  4. sorry …read 3 seconds in above post

  5. this is in response to anirbaans post
    anirbaan u are wrong in saying that all the data is similar. each sperm contains different combinations of alleles for a gene(eg alleles for blood group,sex, skin colour, eye color and so on)

    the posible combinations are so high that almost each sperm is unique

  6. good post again 🙂 Love it. Especially the ‘I-pee’ address line. hehe

  7. Great way to bid 2009 adieu !!! Hope 2010 gives you a chance to put these technological skills of God to good use . As they say about the I-pee ” You have been gifted with great power. Use it wisely”!!! 😉

  8. Amazing stats.. This is one reason why saints and sadhus preached to follow holistic living and not to indulge in wasting those tons of data.

  9. Now, I wish a bigger/longer pipe to deliver that massive data. So much responsibility on that pipe 😀

  10. thanks.. very useful info.. I like your blog so much..

  11. whats your point ?? what is this all about ?? GOd, technology, sperms or saltshakers ????

  12. Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

    • thanks for the interest. You can contact me at deepeshdhakad [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. i wd lyk to add dat data can b stored bt it can not b maintained………coz sperms had a vry short life span…..and dat d speed f sperms vary,,i wd also lyk 2 add a point dat quantity and speed too varies in case f age,emotions and health……

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