Now, that quite a few people have been reading here, I think its prudent to generate this page so that every one who comes to my blog knows a bit more about me.

Name: Deepesh Dhakad

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Current Location: Gurgaon/Bangalore

Occupation: Information Management Leadership Program Employee, General Electric (GE)

Professional areas of Interest: Telecom Billing and a role that is cross between Telecom Product Development and Marketing and Research.

Personal Areas of Interest: Reading, Basketball and Football, Playing Synthesizer & meeting new people.

Contact: deepeshdhakad@gmail.com,  @deepeshdhakad(twitter)



  1. Hi Mr. DD

    Reliance IPO was good isint’t. how much u got? how was ur V day? may be some more observations. in the snap with ur friends its hard for me to recognize u but hope u r the sitting one with a techno look!

  2. @Swati
    Yes, IPO wasn’t good enouhg, But i am still holding on to it 🙂
    V-Day was nice. Just me, my solitude and my Book.
    Ans yes again, its me. But i no more support the techno look 🙂

  3. 🙂

  4. Hi Deepesh,

    I came to know (from the net) that you are currently working with Cerillion. I wanted to know some details since I have an interview for Cerillion. Could you please let me know your mail Id or probably any contact number so that I can contact you.


  5. hi i m nita. i was looking for yellow fever centers in Mumbai & came accross ur article & then ur this website. but ur e-mail id is nowhere to be seen. y dont u add it for your reader fans? my id is nirala66@gmail.com

  6. hello i am deepesh neema from indore m.p.

  7. yes

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