Posted by: DD | July 17, 2008

Impression of Her

… and last thing I can think of is her potent smile,
her laughter driving me crazy, her hair flowing like Nile.

… and the last touch I can feel is the warmth of her hand,
her skin smooth as ever, on the evening we never planned.

… and the last smell I can remember is the perfume she used to wear,
her presence making everything perfect, with all the silence we share.

… and the last taste I can remember, is the taste of the kiss,
her hands trembled in my hair with every breadth that she missed.

… and the last sound I can remember, is the sound of her heart,
pumping with all its might, struggling to keep her from the start.

… and the last sight I can remember, is when she closed her eyes,
her calm face turning expressionless, the moment she dies.

Why should I move on, why do you think I am alone,  sir,
She is with me more than ever,  all my senses have indelible impression of her …

Posted by: DD | July 2, 2008

Simplyfly Deccan

Ok, so here is what I promised in my last post !!

During a phase of my vaccation, I was flying from New Delhi to Raipur with Air Deccan. Its been long since I used their services (last I remember travelling with them was before its merger with Kingfisher) and boy, I was impressed. The Air Deccan has beautifully over-hauled itself to Simplyfly Deccan. Some of the major changes I noticed are as follows:

  1. The best comes first. No more random seat allocation. Your boarding pass has a pre-assigned seat printed on it. Now only people who’ll rush into the airplane would be the ones who cannot control their urge to discover how beautiful air-hostess assigned to the flight is. I guess they should print the photographs of the air-hostesses on the boarding pass so that the curiosity dies and people can board the air-case peacefully.
  2. The air-hostesses are far more prettier than what Air Decaan had, thanks to Mr. Mallaya. Well, this reminds of a popular joke which goes as: “I wonder what would Mr Mallaya be feelings after his teams pathetic loss at IPL”. “Well, I guess he must be feeling the cheer-leaders.” 🙂 Ok, for the record, my air-hostesses were Priyanka (the Lead Air Hostess) and Priya (the more beautiful one) 🙂
  3. The interiors of the air-craft have been revamped to suit the RED theme of Kingfisher. The total look and feel of the airplane is as hot as the ladies managing the passengers in it.
  4. The seats are superb with extra room so that your ‘tashreef’ rests perfectly well. I think Simplyfly Deccan has the best seats (with leg room) available in their class of flyers.
  5. The air-conditioning is perfect. Its feels pretty chilled in there. I guess its a deliberate move to make it extra cool so that the HEAT generated from presence of the extra-hot air-hostesses in there gets neutralized. But man, I am still feeling the heat long after the flight is over.
  6. You get many free water bottles. A great change from giving nothing but not-so-good airhostess’s smile for free to giving HOT air-hostess’s smiles along with water bottle for instant cooling effect. When Priya was handing me over my 200ml water bottle, with 5 more of them in her other hand, I thought of a killer opening line and said, “Oh my god!! I hope lifting these water bottle don’t sprain your wrist. Here, let me hold it.” To my amazement, she smiled and said, “Oh, so sweet of you” and she handed me over the 3 of the 5 water bottles in her hand to pass on to my neighbours. I did not see that one backfiring for I meant holding her wrist.
  7. Simplyfly Deccan has a cool in-plane discounted market from where you can buy great stuff at very cheap prices. I am sure Priya wanted me to buy her that cute diamond necklace for 3K bucks for she subtly leaned forward to ask me how will I take my coffee and when I told her that I like it black, she pretended she did not hear my response stretching her neck a bit more in my direction. I am sure (yet again) that it had nothing to do with the serving troley in front of her. Had I had a little more cash in my wallet, for they did not accept the Credit Card, one of the most wanted guy would have lost his single status by now.

Well, these were some of the many changes I noticed. But with the rising inflation, rising ATF (Airplane Turbine Fuel) cost, and rising cost of maintaining beauty (I am sure recently ‘committed’ guys can relate to it), I fear that sweet girls like Priya will no more be available for its getting extremely difficult to operate an airline. Fearing this, I whispered my Name and Phone number to her while de-planing and asked her to give me a call whenever required.

I climbed down the air-plane stairs and started to walk towards the terminal at Raipur when I heard some-one calling my name. I stopped and looked back. It was unbeleivable. Priya was walking towards me while calling my name. I was ecstatic. She came to me and said, “Mr. Deepesh”, “Call me Deepesh”, I cut her short. She smiled and said, “Ok Deepesh. I think you forgot your bag in there. I thought I should ‘call’ you and return it back. Have a pleasant stay in Raipur.” Having said that, she handed me over my bag and walked away. But hey, I was glad, at least she ‘called’.

P.S: I was dis-heartened that this happened before I entered the terminal. I wished for people who came to pick me to see this so that I could falsely boast of ‘pataofying’ an air-hostess. After all, Priya could not tell them the truth, like she cannot tell youif all this is true. 😉

Posted by: DD | June 29, 2008

Story of Rs 1

Finally, I am back from a long vaccation. But I also am sad as well. No body missed me (except Aria, I am thankful for that comment Aria). Bhuuuhuuuhhh 😦

Well, it was a wonderful vaccation. I spent some quality time with my parents and then flew off to spend some great (but short) time with my cousins. From my mother’s family, we are 11 cousins in total. (Children of all my mamas and mausis). It was hell lot of fun to be together after a long time. Every time we planned a get-together, some one or the other could not make it due to some or the other reason. So in short, I enjoyed.

While I was at Gurgaon, my home town, I was robbed. Well, not by some mugger but by a strange habbit which the shop-keepers out there have developed. Whenever I went to sop for some household stuff (say bread, toast, juice, etc.) I always faced a common problem of change. No one was ready to tender the correct change. The shop keeper work in the multiple for 5.

For e.g., whenever I bought some thing for, say Rs 14, I always got back the money in the multiple of Rs 5 and toffee for the left over amount (Rs 1 in this case). For initial one or two times, I didn’t pay attention and gladly accepted the toffee, but then I noticed that the shop-keepers have made this into habbit and are making good enough money. When I refused to take the toffee in place of Rs 1 or Rs 2, the shop-keepers asked mte to get proper change.

But seems like they didn’t know me well for I pledged to make them taste their own medicine. I started collecting the toffees and on the last day of my stay, I went to one of them (we buy most of our daily needed things from his shop) and asked for a loaf of bread. “Rs 14 bhaiyaji”, he croaked in his toad-like voice. It was the moment I was waiting for. I pulled 14 toffees I had collected over the period of time and placed them on his counter. After having a short look at his stunned face, I turned back and started to leave for home when he cried, “Bhaiyaaji, ye kya hai”. “Wahi toffees hain jo aapne mujhe jabardasti pakada di thin. Hisaab barabar.”, I shouted without turning back.

Yesterday my dad told me on phone that the guy has been giving proper change since I left. 😀

P.S: I had a great flight from Delhi to Raipur, anecdotes of which I’ll pen down shortly. This post was to break the long jinx of not posting anything. 😉

Posted by: DD | June 1, 2008


While browsing YouTube today, I came across this ad. Its a very old ad of Complan and I remember watching this when I was very young. It was pretty nostalgic to see it again but the more important and amazing thing I realized yesterday was that the kids in the ad are none other than our Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia.

Don’t believe, have a closer look for yourself.

[In case you are not able to watch it, please go here.]

This just proves one thing that Complan works wonders. I mean have a look at Shahid today. Handsome , Dashing, Cute and what not. Other than his height, he has every thing correctly in place. Awesome personality.

And please, don’t even get me started on Ayesha Takia. Being a guy, I should not even attempt that or the flow will unnecessarily drift towards unwanted description and ‘domains’ 😀 . But in short, she too looks awesome.

I guess this additionally proves two things.

1.) Complan does not help in growing height esp. in case of men. Shahid could manage just 5′ 7″ but Ayesha is ok at 5′ 5″.

2.) Complan helps women better than men. How? – Ayesha grew to be better than average Indian female in height as well as in ‘other’ dimensions. But Shahid is not that good in height but definitely in other areas.

Conclusion- If you have a baby girl, Complan is the drink. If you have a baby boy, Complan is still a must but try mixing it with some other stuff like Bournvita (for brains).

P.S: Now I understand why I am just 5′ 8″, average looking guy. My mom always gave me Bournvita to drink. Had it been complan, I would have been different, my life would have been different.

Posted by: DD | May 28, 2008

Pyaar aur Dosti

asmanjas mein hai pade
kismat layi mode wahi

sach kya hai aur jhoot kya
nahi pata kya hai sahi

jinke liye hai dil dhadakta
unhe humse hai pyaar nahi

jo de rahe humare liye jaan
unka hum par dost se jyada adhikaar nahi

dosti aur mohabbat mein
uljhi aisi humari jindagi

na chahat ka pyaar pa sake
na dost ki wo dosti rahi

duniya aage badh gayi
par hum hain kehete wahi

chahate the hum jinhe
unhe thi humari kadar nahi

aur jinhe humari thi kadar
chah kar bhi hum unhe chah paye nahi.

Posted by: DD | May 25, 2008

Kaamwaali Bai

I have to admit, there is something special about my kaam-waali bai. (For my inter-national readers, Kaamwaali-Bai in India means the MAID, the lady who comes to clean your house and do all the rest of the work which we Indians consider below our dignity to do ourselves) 😀

I think I am in love with her.

Shocked? Even I was, and then I thought a lot, a lot and again … a lot about it but all the signs point in the same direction. Take a look and decide yourself.

1.) I desperately wait for her every week end morning. (Trust me, it has got nothing to do with all the mess in my house, except my room which I keep immaculately clean).

2.) I cancel all my plans just to see her. Even if she gets late, I patiently wait for her.

3.) I feel irritated when she keeps me waiting. I feel so low when she gets late.

4.) All my irritation and anger gets washed away as soon as I hear the door click open and she steps into my house. (Not that I feel relieved that she has finally arrived).

5.) I agree to all her demands.

  • The soap if finished. Get me another pack.
  • The ‘RIN’ bar is over. Buy me new set.
  • The ‘pochaa’ is torn. I’ll need a better one this time.

6.) I don’t have to think twice to talk ‘dirty’ to her.

  • Kitchen is very ‘dirty’. Clean it
  • Clothes are very ‘dirty’. Wash them.
  • That window is very ‘dirty’. Dust it.

7.) I hate it when she cannot come to my place. I beg her not to miss any day.

8.) Last but the most important, I have given her the keys to my apartment. You don’t give your apartment keys to every one, do you?

Yep, for sure, I am in love with her. I don’t see if there is any other explanation. Can you? If yes, then please get to me through the comments section, my cell number or my email-id (both of them can be found in this post).

P.S.: After two long months of pain and torture (physical as well as emotional), I finally got BSNL Broadband installed at my place this weekend and I write this from the balcony of my flat, enjoying the beautiful cool breeze. As Preity Zinta says, “BSNL, Best hai mere liye” 🙂

Posted by: DD | May 17, 2008


A smile can brighten the darkest day.

I realized the significance of this saying during my recent attempt to experiment things. As many of you know, I walk to my office in morning and I have this uncanny habit to observe discreet things around. An example of such is this post of mine which I wrote on valentines day.

I love listening to music on my Motorola L7 as I walk and it makes me feel good, pep and energetic. For some time, for a change, I stopped carrying my ear-piece in search for some thing new to keep me worked up.

After experimenting it for a week, I have no hesitation in prescribing it to everyone in the world. Ladies and Gentlemen let me present to you, a new form of work-up and stay-happy dose. Please join your hands together for the star – SMILE 🙂

Ok, now don’t wonder if I have gone mad as smile is not something new. So why am I introducing it to you guys? Well, I attempt to help you see a new face of SMILE. Try the following for a couple of days and tell me is it works similarly for you as it does for me.

When you walk some distance and are alone, try greeting everyone you cross on your way with a smile. Just a smile and nothing else. No “hi”, “hello”, “Good morning/afternoon/evening” but just a smile. Initially, it may seem odd, but as you continue doing it, it will start working for you operating on Newton’s third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction“. Try it out and see for yourself! You will find that almost every person you smile at will return the gesture. The hardest part is usually being the first person to smile.

It will create happy feelings and charge you up without any extra effort. It will enrich those who receive it without making the donor any poorer. Moreover, the best part is that it is the biggest tool in interacting with complete strangers. The split second you have when you cross someone can best be utilized with a SMILE.

Seeing other people smile induces what is termed as a ‘halo’ effect, helping us to remember other happy events, feel more positive and more motivated. Its is the biggest form on non-verbal communication with many side-effects which are all positive 🙂

If you walk to some place, like work, gym, evening walk, etc, regularly and approximately at the same time of the day, chance are great that in some time, you will end up with a new set of friends whom I term as “SMILE” friends. These would be people who you’ll regularly cross and smile to, in effect making them more receptive to you expression. And no one knows, who’s falling in love with you with your smile. For a proof, read my poem based on my true experience 😉

So make it a habit and see how it work wonders for you. Do let me know the results. I will love to hear it from all 🙂

Smile is infectious,

it spreads like a flu.

Pass it on to the world

and see them smiling back to you.

The investment will give returns

during times sadness will overpower you

when someone will smile

you’ll start smiling too.

P.S: If you are a young lad like me, please exercise caution when using this on a pretty girl for obvious reasons. In case you are a young gal, please do it more often to everyone. If nothing else, you may make some guy’s day more merrier. 😉

Posted by: DD | May 13, 2008


Love comes and goes by
Leaves people mauled with a big SIGH

Those who happyly up-wind
are always hard to find

On the partner people always place the blame
But its their ego which sets the flame

Rarely do people realize
that no relationship exists without a compromise

Ego always play its role
Dragging relationship in the hole

Try eating your ego fast
Before your relation becomes a past

Take this as a serious advice
Don’t be an idiot but wise.

Enjoy the magnificent feeling of being in Love
Experience it when you dream of dove

When your heart beats for someone
And you feel the best in the world’s run

When you feel lonely even in the scariest of mob
Thats the feeling that no one can rob

Feel it …
Feel it …

Feel it at least once in your life
else you’ll have nothing to dream of when you’ll be with your WIFE.

Posted by: DD | May 7, 2008

Yellow Fever

For those who wonder what it is, let me tell you that it’s fucking pain in ass.

Phew, now that I have poured out all my frustration in that statement (yes, I always have a very short duration impulse of anger), let me tell you what exactly it is.

Yellow Fever is a kind of fever prevalent in African countries and any Indian (and mostly all other) citizen visiting African countries have to get themselves vaccinated against it (proper term is “inoculated for Yellow Fever”) failing which, you are quarantined on return to your own motherland (BTW, does any mother abandon her child just because he is ill?).

Ok, don’t start wondering as to why am I telling you all this (as if I care). This is all because of 18 hour ordeal I went through yesterday. Thanks partly to my organization (Cerillion Technologies) and partly to yours truly, it was decided that I might have to travel to Mauritania (for those wondering which village in India is it, it’s an African country. Click HERE for details) for a couple of weeks. No prizes for guessing, as a result I was expected to get “inoculated against Yellow Fever” and the only centre in Maharashtra happens to be in Mumbai.

I was advised to reach the centre early in the morning so that I can put my name in the list which “someone” would have prepared. This would ensure that I would get “inoculated” for sure. Now this is what happened. (We in the following self proclaimed ordeal refers to me and a colleague, Indra, who accompanied me for the same purpose).

Read More…

Posted by: DD | May 1, 2008


!! when people sleep and things go risky,
`she’ wakes up to a bottle of whiskey

when others rest their baggage for a while,
`she’ picks her up wearing artificial smile

scrubs her nail and takes a bath,
`she’ gets ready to walk on tabooed path

ready to lose respect for money,
`she’ calls every dick and harry, “honey”

dresses up to eventually dress down,
`she’ gets pain but not an ounce of frown

when others put their soul in their work,
`she’ kill her’s while serving some jerk

sarcastically remarks that since souls never die,
`she’ repeats the killing while next person gets his share of pie

as I pass through her lane where people hardly care,
`she’ sends me signals through her provoking stare

I felt not horny but helpless and unfair,
`she’ had smell of jasmine mixed with irony in the air !!

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